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Un-Leash The Bare Feminine Within You

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Hello Darling,

I'm Amanda

Intuitive Feminine Alchemist; Embodiment, Pleasure, and Womb Mentor; Medicine Woman

I usher women towards a deeper state of connection to their body, sexuality and wombspace. I help women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline -- eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit.

You didn't come this far to be tame

You didn't live what you have lived to show up as a tidy, neat, politically correct, domesticated, bite-sized, palatable, and meek soul.


You are a ship builder. You are a wave maker. You are a torch bearer. You are messy, you are wild,

you are passionate.


I am here for the women who are tired of conforming. I am here for the women who know that bursting out of cocoons isn't an instant process, that know that rebirth is messy, that healing isn't linear, and doesn't

conform to timelines.

I'm here for the women who understand that you can't walk on eggshells, say, "pretty please"and expect to see our wildest dreams fulfilled. I am here for the wild ones. 


This was priceless. I am a more empowered and turned on woman!

"Working with you was nothing short of mind blowing. I was angry at not knowing things about my body, sad that I’ve neglected my womb and Yoni space, and I’m happy to have this new beautiful relationship with her. I’ve read many books about anatomy, pleasure, and sensuality. But experiencing this has been the integration I haven’t gotten from those. Amanda walked us slowly and step by step through multiple processes. She is patient, soothing, and knowledgeable. She’s got a gift at holding Feminine space and empowering you at the same time. This was priceless. I am a more empowered and turned on woman!”


Britney Jesup, Goddess Retreat Leader and SAHM

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Podcast Interview With Olivia Seline

Listen here!

Embodied Womb

Free Download

This free guidebook goes over basic anatomy, and techniques to de-armor your yoni and introduces you to the practice of hands-on womb and bodywork. A beautiful pre-cursor to the WombTerrain Immersive Experience, this guidebook is over 30+ pages and gives you what you need to confidently begin your own personal practice at home, with your breath, your presence, and your touch.

Stripping it back to your bare feminine essence

Image by Milad Fakurian


1:1 Private Mentorship

The woman intended for this container is a woman who is a many splendored feminine leader, who is looking to deepen and widen, soften and strengthen. For the women who KNOW there is a deeper connection awaiting within your body and womb, and who are the rebellious type who want to redefine what it is to be "coached." This is for the woman who is ready to break the mold of what it is to work together with another woman inside of a mentorship container.

My most intimate container.

Wombspace mockup.png

Wombspace Membership

It's time to learn to listen to the sacred whispers of your Wombspace (regardless of whether you still have a physical womb or not) honor its wisdom, and cultivate a deep sense of connection with your body and soul. It's time to embrace this path of activation, and uncover the facets of who you are as a woman that have been neglected,

or domesticated.


This practice is now the heartbeat and womb frequency of all of my work and offers. This is a prerequisite to in-person bodywork with me. This is where you reclaim your intimate terrain and either begin or deepen your relationship to HER. To WOMB. This practice will change you, and will impact all areas of your life. It's a spiritual practice, and a human one.

Pour yourself a mug of steaming cacao (or a glass of Prosecco)

Image by Milad Fakurian

"Amanda is a woman who has fiercely chosen her own wholeness and sovereignty and is now a knowing guide for others on the path. She will mirror for you self-love, compassion, beauty and resilience."

Morgan Day Cecil
Creator of the Feminine Wholeness Method ™️
International Luxury Retreat Hostess

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