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The art and gift of gushing liquid orgasms is every woman's birthright. This means that unless your anatomy does not allow for you to retain liquid within your tissues, you are able to experience an Amrita orgasm, the release of your sacred waters.

The first time I experienced an Amrita orgasm, I knew it was more than losing control of my bladder, which was my first thought as I felt the experience unfolding and I consciously surrendered into it. I felt refreshed. I felt baptized. I felt renewed and cleansed as if every pore in my being had opened and brought forth dew from deep within my soul.

I had never heard of gushing, squirting, female ejaculation, or Amrita before.


I had no idea what had truly just happened, but I was baptized in my own waters, forever changed.

At first, I believed this was an experience I could only have with a partner. To my delight, I found that this was something I could cultivate with myself. The ritual art of bringing myself to the point of self baptism from my Amrita waters became a beautiful practice of renewal and cleansing that I now wish for every woman to experience.

For me, this has become experiencing "living water" in a whole new way, and is for me a deeply spiritual experience that I wish for every woman to experience.


moves prostatic fluid through the entire pelvic bowl, nourishes the tissues and the urethral sponge


a total reset for the entire lymph, 3-4 liters of fluid can be released in one experience


the fluid contains 685 identifiable proteins including, "prostate specific antigen"


leaves a woman feeling refreshed, cleansed, and energized, without the sauna

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De-armoring and unlocking access to deeper pleasure and enhancing your sensitivity, while calming hypersensitivity, and/or restoring sensation due to trauma. Release trauma from miscarriage, abortion, infertility, PMS, cancer, abuse, unfulfilled sexual desire

... and more.

Diving into the anatomy of your Wombspace and Yoni, including names and terms, AND their origins. Learn to call your body by her name, and become intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of  YOUR body so that you are TRULY the expert on YOU.

How to find safety in the body to anchor into when sexual shame or triggers arise. How to create a safe and sensual atmosphere for peak sensual experience. How to create a sensory haven in your home.

Step by step self yoni massage, and bringing energy and breath into the wombspace. Breathwork for sexual healing, fertility, menstruation, and restoration.

Yoni gazing and seeing ourselves through the soft lens of self acceptance. See yourself with new eyes, and learn to see your unique beauty.

How to release your Amrita and experience Amrita Orgasms, as well as other pleasure practices and techniques for both solo play and partnered pleasure.

Types of orgasm, and how to explore your body on your terms, and reclaim ownership of her. Meet Cervix and develop a relationship with her and the voice of your wombspace/yoni.

The basics of feminine receivership and surrender, and how to open as Love to receive and embody your desire as a spiritual woman connected to God AND herself.

How to navigate conversation with your partner around desire, needs, and all things SEX in the bedroom.

How to begin your freedom from "sex toy buzzkill" AKA when you rely on sex toys to experience orgasm or satisfactory pleasure.

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  • 8 LIVE calls: 2 hour group practice and teaching calls

Calls will be up to 2 hours depending on what pace the group needs for any particular practice/teaching night.

Please schedule accordingly.

You will be expected to have your camera ON for teaching and practice purposes, just as if you were attending in person. You will need to be able to be undisturbed as much as possible for our calls, and you will need to be able to move around and make noise freely without worrying about being inhibited by the thought of what someone else may think if they hear your cry, laugh, or play music. All calls will be recorded and you get to keep the recordings for your personal library. Please make sure to download them, in the event I should ever switch host platforms.

LIVE group practice calls:


  • 2 LIVE 60 minute integration calls with open Q&A 

You will be expected to have your camera ON, just as if you were attending in person. You will need to be able to sit or lay, or move around freely, for the integration portion of the call. All calls will be recorded.

LIVE integration calls:


  • Community group OFF of Facebook

  • Telegram chat thread for group integration during the week, in between calls

  • Meditations and supplements, PDFs, etc. for you to download and keep

  • total of over 18+ hours LIVE time with Amanda (value of over $8,000+)

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This is a LIVE container, with LIVE coaching calls. The program includes access to pre-recorded content, however this is run as a LIVE program with a group of women sharing intimately in circle, and supporting each other through their activation and healing. You receive access to my personal mentorship and coaching, and the ability to receive my feedback on your unique personal situation or experience.

I do not currently know of another program dedicated to Amrita Orgasms specifically (although we cover so much more in depth, as the focus is never climax but the journey) that runs as a live group container.

You will be guided and directed towards and into your body during this program, to touch yourself for the sake of healing, and for pleasure. If you are not ready for this, then this is not the program for you. I recommend my group mentorship container, Wombspace as a gateway to this program.


If you have any doubts about your preparedness for this program, please book a consult with me to chat about it in detail.


The exchange for this program is $1,111.11 and I occasionally offer enrollment incentives. Please get on the waitlist to be among the first to known when enrollment re-opens. Please read testimonials below to see how this program has impacted other women just like you.

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"I feel like I can't even begin to describe my experience in words that will truly convey the depth of it all.. it's just something that gets to be experienced. Amanda is such an amazing facilitator and holds space SO beautifully. Going into this experience, my body was completely shut down. I felt so disconnected from myself, my body as a whole, and especially my yoni. On the first call, I broke down crying about what I was experiencing in my body and how it was affecting my relationship with my partner. I will always remember the way Amanda supported me through my process. From that moment on, I knew she was the perfect person to be guiding this experience. I felt I had a strong knowledge base of female anatomy but what I discovered was that much of what I had learned in college were discoveries from men, rather than women themselves. I was quite surprised and so grateful for how much more I learned. Along with that, it is one thing to know the anatomy of my body.. but it is a whole new world to EXPERIENCE my body. Instead of seeing my yoni through the eyes of judgement, I saw her through rose color glasses.. literally... she looked like a rose 🌹 opening up and blossoming. For the first time, I saw her as genuinely beautiful. For the first time, I explored a part of myself that I had never known before. Not in this way, at least. I met myself so vulnerably and intimately. I leaned into the both the pleasure and discomfort. I gave my womb and yoni a voice. A chance to finally be heard. In doing so, I created so much more trust and safety within myself and my body. Healing so much of the disconnect that I was experiencing. I got to know myself on such a deeper level (literally 😉). And the best part of this is all was that I didn't have to do it alone. I felt so supported and held. Every woman deserves to experience herself in this way. This is how we heal ourselves, the women who have come before us, and every woman who will come after us.

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Sarahly Avilez

"This (program) was nothing short of mind blowing and took me through a roller coaster of emotions. I was angry at not knowing things about my body, sad that I’ve neglected my womb and Yoni space, and I’m happy/excited to have this new beautiful relationship with her. I’ve read many books about anatomy, pleasure, and sensuality. But experiencing this has been the integration I haven’t gotten from those. Amanda walked us slowly and step by step through multiple processes. She is patient, soothing, and knowledgeable. She’s got a gift at holding Feminine space and empowering you at the same time. This class was priceless. I’m so grateful to have this come into my life at the perfect time. I am a more empowered and turned on woman! I’m proud of myself for showing up."

Britney Jessup

"The experience of becoming reconnected with my womb has been a sacred one. The journey is full of all the emotions that I could possibly feel. The education of simple anatomy is very rich, don't be fooled like I was into thinking I knew about my body and that the education part will be boring or unneeded.. it is fascinating! Amanda is truly gifted at holding space while gently compelling me to go deep and experience all that my body wants to heal. It's truly a gift, this (program)."

Bethany Hershberger

"This experience was so eye opening or should I say vulva opening? :) It was astonishing to learn and see as a grown adult all that I feel like I should have known when I was a teen but was never taught! A very gentle pace set by Amanda who follows her intuition, during the (program) adjusting for each individual. The slowness and being gentle with ourselves is so needed in this world. It is absolutely worth it, this will change you and the way you view and love your body. I have so much gratitude that I took this course, and encourage all women to do it. Healing on so many levels, my hope is for mothers to pass along to daughters the next generation, it is so needed in this world!"

Nikki Stapel

"Through each class I was able to connect deeper with myself and honor everything that I am. I was able to tune into things that I didn't realize I was holding in my womb energetically. Learning about my anatomy was AMAZING! I can't believe I was NEVER taught all of this information as a little girl. I am so grateful for Amanda's energy and how she was able to hold space. I felt so comfortable with each call and everything that we did. Just by being who she is and speaking her truth I was able to be open and vulnerable with myself and I am sooooo GRATEFUL! Doing the "hands-in" segment was the most amazing experience! To be able to self touch to and to only connect with my very being and to know how she works and what she feels like is something I never have thought about doing before and I was seriously missing out! A lot of emotions came up for me, from trauma emotions to so much joy. I feel like by just connecting and honoring what was coming up I was able to release what I had been holding in for so long. I am definitely going to make this a practice for myself so that I can connect to HER. I have experienced a lot of awareness on how my womb reacts to things. I noticed how literally everything affects me and I have been able to take it all on. I now always have this urge to connect with her ALL the time and I am learning so many ways to do so. I feel like I have this burst of creation that has been wanting to come out for so long. I feel very creative and ready to create new things in my life, which is truly amazing since I have had a creative block for some time now."

Kimberly Rico

"As a person who has been in the medical field my entire career, I was amazed at what I did not know about my own body. The anatomy portion of Amrita, from the WombTerrain Experience (included with the program), is information that every woman and man should know. As I get to know myself in a more intimate fashion, I feel better equipped to let my partner know what I need and I have a better understanding of why I react in the ways I do."

Lori Heil

"I have no words, just so many emotions, and so many feelings. I'm just feeling connected knowing there is someone else here having the same feelings that I am having right now, going through the same roller coaster ride that I'm going through. So that was my favorite. You are just an amazing guide, Amanda. It was really nice. I've read like THREE books this year that walk you through like yoni massages, and anatomy, and things to do, but I haven't done any of them. I don't know why I'm resisting, I usually think it's because I read too fast and don't slow down and actually do what the books say. But this is amazing that this is in my life right now and I'm choosing to do it right now. Thank you. I was really comfortable on the outside and then as soon as we went inside, my brain was like, "I'm done. Why is this taking so long? Why am I just holding my hand here for so long? This isn't fun." And I had so much pain. I had no pain on the other half, but all the pain was on the left side. And I've been complaining about pain during sex for a few years now. And whenever my husband asks, "Where?" I'm always like, "I don't know." So now it's so crazy to know exactly where it hurts. I'm looking forward to doing it again. In a lot of ways it reminds me of birth. It was really good, and really emotional. I did even let myself cry once."


"I experienced something I was longing to experience. And that was to be able to trust other women. I long for friendships that I'm not the leader in. I tend to attract friendships where I'm gathering them up and I'm like, "Come along! Let's get better now!" And in this practice, in this container, it was a call for me to trust YOU. And I realized the resistance that I felt to that, and the gift that is. And the gift that I felt anything about it.

Such a gift. I'm feeling very grateful."


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