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Bare Feminine

The Intimate Retreat

"I healed and came home to myself.

You are worth it. I promise you, it's worth investing in yourself. Even if you think you know a lot of this already, you will gain so much from this experience. Even if you don't feel like you're ready for something like this, you are. You're seeing this for a reason. This is your sign. You are ready. If you weren't, you wouldn't be reading this. This is next-level, deep, somatic healing. And this is what the world needs more of. Do it for you. Do it for the women before you who never had this opportunity. Do it for you daughters, granddaughters, and all the women who will come after you. Do it for the women who will never get to experience this. Because when one woman heals, she heals the whole."

Sarahly Avilez


"The experience of becoming reconnected with my womb has been a sacred one. The journey is full of all the emotions that I could possibly feel. I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and (I feel) lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. Amanda is truly gifted at holding space while gently compelling me to go deep and experience all that my body wants to heal."

Beth Hershberger


Coming Soon

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