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Eros Retreat

For The Advanced Feminine Practitioner

Trusting The Feminine Means Trusting EROS

Reclaim and fully embody your sexuality, pleasure, and sensual femininity. Connect to who you are as a woman: Spiritual, Sovereign, Soulful, and sexual.


My heart is to see women empowered and equipped on every level to pursue the reclamation of their sexual wholeness and birthright to pleasure.


These workshop-like 1:1 immersions bring you something for nearly every facet of that journey to embolden you, encourage you, to challenge you, to support you and to help bring healing and full range of expression to your sexuality and sensual feminine wholeness through deep embodiment work.

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"Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power."

-- Felicita, India


The invitation

This is where the spiritual and the sexual merge.

I'm inviting you to drop from your head into your body.

It's time to quit trying to figure this sexual embodiment thing out on our own, from a place of logical analysis of the situation. You know something isn't right, and it's time for you to get the support you need for you to drop deeply within and finally experience what it means to know that your sexuality belongs to YOU.

I'm inviting you into the mystery of the female body and anatomy, from a place of intimacy.

You'll be able to throw away your lube, you won't need to force yourself to quit thinking about your day while he's disrobing you, and you won't cry yourself to sleep after he rolls over.

You'll feel sovereign within your sexuality in such a way that it rocks your world, and your hips.

God didn't give you 8,000 nerve endings for nothing.

I believe you were designed and created for endless pleasure, multiple orgasms, and full body ecstasy.

Come, darling.

Image by مهدی کردی

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Are you ready to come...experience fullness, aliveness and pleasure in your body with other women, without fear or shame?

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"Her kindness put me at ease immediately. It made me comfortable opening up and sharing something that only a few of my closest loved ones knew about. I felt more seen and heard than ever before."

-- Alura, USA

Are you a woman who:

  • Loves the idea of belonging to yourself and for your pleasure to be for YOU.

  • Desires to surrender deeply, to experience being deeply seen, known and your heart felt.

  • Yearns for the freedom you see other women expressing.

  • Longs for more acceptance of your body.

  • Wants to deeply KNOW your sexuality is to be trusted, and is sacred.

  • Is determined to do this for yourself and change the narrative. "My pleasure is for me, first and foremost? Not my experience, but bring it on!"

  • Your sexuality is truly sacred to you, and you have difficulty getting out of your head and into your body when you're experiencing pleasure or making love.

Feminine Eros

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The Details

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"Working with Amanda has changed the way I see my sexuality. I have been able to explore my softness and what brings me pleasure. I’ve been able to embrace more of who I am and release shame. She is so in tune and has a way of bringing you to a deep, beautiful place within yourself so quickly!"

-- Julia, USA

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