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30 Day EmbodieMicrodosing Journey for Women


When I was a child, I believed in magic.

Not the kind of magic that entails spells, chants, crystals, or burned herbs.

The kind of magic you feel when a kittens whiskers brush your cheek, or the kind you smell in baby's hair, the kind you see when a flock of geese land gracefully in the lake right next to you as you watch breathlessly.


The kind of magic you feel when your favorite filly finally nuzzles your hand and breathes into your palm, and you don't move a muscle so she doesn't spook.


It's the kind of magic you feel when you dive into spring water and watch the manatees grazing.

Somewhere on our way to adulthood, I think that many of us have lost this sense of magic.
This magic in the face of the mundane and mediocre.

We have lost the wonder.

We have forgotten innocence.


On that note...I am SO EXCITED to announce and invite you into a NEW group program for both men and women: KAIROS -- 30 day embodied microdosing group help us return to wholeness, innocence, wonder, and the magic that is inherent within us all.


Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning "the right, critical, or opportune moment; the supreme moment." Kairos is qualitative time, a ripening of potential occurrence, that can come at any moment. It represents the moment when the archer finds the perfect opening to shoot his arrow and hit his target. In the Bible's New Testament, kairos means "the Divinely appointed time", or the time when God acts.

I believe that there is a Divinely appointed moment in time when you will feel the call to working with plant medicine. I am assuming that if you have found your way to this page, you have felt this call. I trust the Kairos that brought you here today. It is this same Kairos that will continue to guide you throughout your microdosing journey.

Strip away the layers and take a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through embodied microdosing.

Uncover new layers of Self as you are guided in an embodied plant medicine microdosing 30 day journey in a truly trauma aware and informed setting, guided masterfully by your facilitator Amanda.


You will have one on one calls with Amanda, prompts, somatic practices, and hot seat coaching in a group setting to integrate holistically all that you're discovering and uncovering. Bask in the deeper connection within yourself, to nature, to God, and to truth. Experience remembrance of your innate wisdom and personal power.


“Microdosing was the gateway back to me. It helped me gain more self agency over my choices, and I began to make moves towards safety that very well may have saved my life. Microdosing opened me up to the full intensive plant medicine immersion. I have spent hundreds of thousands on medical care and I have never received care before in my life like I did during my private plant medicine immersion. My intention was to feel Love. I realized that I didn’t know that I deserved to be loved...and I not only felt Love but I encoded it into every fiber of my being. I would absolutely recommend microdosing, and experiencing an intensive plant medicine immersion with Amanda as a guide.”

-- Daisy, 2023

Integration & Digestion

Amanda's embodied approach to microdosing is unmatched by mainstream containers.

We will not be guiding you to overcome, transcend, or escape your body and embodied experience.

The purpose is not to ascend, to leave, to "expand your consciousness," to "enlighten" yourself, or to find God.

Why partner with plant medicines, then?

The intention is to return to your true home (your body) and to uncover the answers that lay within yourself and your psyche that you may have been repressing through held patterns of tension in your body, psyche, and mind. Rather than de-armoring your body alone, you will be taken on a journey of de-armoring your mind and soul, as well.

Rather than offering you another form of escapism, we are ushering you more deeply into PRESENCE.

This may bring up strong emotions or sensations, that Amanda will guide you through, however, you must be WILLING to feel what may arise. I am not here to be a guru, shaman, or teacher, but rather to act as a wayshower and facilitator for YOU to access your deepest wisdom from within. The plant medicines, practices, and guidance are all valuable tools but these never replace your own inner knowing, and intuition.

Image by Finn IJspeert
Image by Damir Omerović

The Nitty Gritty

All-Inclusive 30 Day Group Protocol

This is a women-only group container that includes 1:1 support. This is to ensure you receive the highest quality of support, and community within which to begin your microdosing experience.

Before the container opens we will meet on a mandatory group orientation call, where will go over all of the basics of microdosing, and set our intentions as a group. We will go over dosage, and choose a protocol for you to begin with that best meets your individual needs. By the first week you will be ready to begin your protocol, and the container will open with our first weekly group integrative somatic "coaching" call. You will have access to the group Telegram thread to share your experiences and aha's as the week progresses.


Every two weeks you receive a 30 minute coaching call with Amanda to ensure you're receiving the highest level of support during your experience.

After the container closes at the end of the 30 days, you will retain access to the group Telegram thread for an additional 4 weeks before being removed. A bonus integration call will take place 4 weeks after the container has closed to check-in and review how you are doing after the close of the container, and receive any additional coaching from Amanda if so desired.

The bonus call is optional, as we will officially close the group after the 30 days has ended.

This Container Includes:

1:1 Video Conference Calls

We meet every two weeks for a 30 minute 1:1 integration session.

 During these sessions, we can focus on you specifically, and what is arising for you during your microdosing experience.

These sessions are at the close of each 2 week period for the duration

of the container, 2 in total for the 30 days.


“Amanda is truly a light worker and a medicine woman. And not in a metaphoric sense for she is the genuine original.

I am still matrix-shattered, and completely mind blown after my plant medicine experience. My life feels so different without carrying the old limiting beliefs and the ancestral energies and entities that were attached to my life. Life feels softer, I replaced a lot of fear with curiosity.  Life is now whatever I choose it to be instead of weighed down with energies and identities that were never mine to hold.  Not only did Amanda create a safe space and safe container in which to heal, get messy and explore, but I don’t recall a time in my life that I ever felt more lovingly and gently held in every way."

-- Jen Curtis, 2023




Learn all about microdosing, the science behind it, what it is, and why do it. Read about protocols and how to begin, and what to take. See the differences between micro and macro dosing, and learn how you can use this in your relationship to accelerate your couples coaching. One of the most complete guides you will find on the internet today.

Image by Francesco Ungaro


What Plant Medicines are we microdosing?

This group container is for microdosing Psilocybin Cubensis, or "psychedelic mushrooms." During the time you are in the container, I recommend not using any other plant medicines so that you can receive the full benefit of the microdosing experience, unhindered. Amanda does not condone nor endorse the use of drugs or illegal substances. Details regarding the microdosing protocol will only be discussed over the phone.

What does integration entail?

Be prepared to be ushered out of your comfort zone and into your wild, authentic nature. Most of the practices will be "conventional" but they will all be held within a trauma informed container and guided masterfully by Amanda.


Please be open to what the medicine or the present moment may present to you, and willing to "go there" as your nervous system allows. We will be spending MUCH time preparing your nervous system and anchoring you into your soma and Mama Nature before any deep practices or plant journeys. Should we have a coed cohort, there will be a separate integration chat thread for women only, to provide any extra security and safety needed for integration, or discussions.

What are the dates of the immersion?

We are set to begin November 10th 2023.


This pricing is limited-time and available only for this initiatory cohort. You agree to this price exchange with the understanding that you get to be among the first to experience this container for the very first time, and that your case study and testimonial form part of the energy exchange/price.

"Early Bird"

$600 through

November 1st, 2023

Image by Milad Fakurian

Pay In Full

after November 1st, 2023 $800

Image by Milad Fakurian

4 Payments

weekly payments of $222 for 4 weeks


Meet Amanda


Embodied feminine leadership and de-armoring coach, Medicine Woman, Womb Holder, and the creator of WombTerrain™.


She is the founder and herbal alchemist of The Soulful Apothecary, a certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, The founder of Rewilded Birth™ and a Birth Doula who  specializes in freebirths. Soma Mystica™ Certified Practitioner, Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator, and Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist.

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