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For women who are writing a new legacy of thriving, intimacy, and belonging.

The Bare Feminine Presents:


Learn the secrets for healing your inner adaptive child and wounded maiden so that you can experience the self expression, intimacy, and bliss you crave.

Learn the magic of how the womb is a portal for healing, pleasure, and embodiment.

Step across the THRESHOLD from survival to thriving.

Your legacy is not defined by your history.


Masterclass Series & Mini Program

we are unwinding the SURVIVAL STRATEGIES
of our great-grandmothers and
claiming the INTIMACY, RADIANCE, TRUST, PLEASURE, & BLISS they paved the way for.

we are the
torchbearers crossing new thresholds and creating a NEW LEGACY for our lineage.

Why "threshold?"

Many of the women (and men) I'm currently working with today all have this one thing in common: they're currently at a threshold in life. And not just any old doorway type of threshold, but the type of threshold that takes you through the wardrobe and into Narnia.

It's not a simple every day one-step threshold, but it's more of a cocoon. It requires you to leave something behind before you can go all the way through into what lies beyond the threshold. You can't have one foot on one side of the threshold, and one on the other side. You have to be all in, and you have to be willing to let the "old you" dissolve as you become who you always were all along, beneath the layers of who you were told to be.

The threshold is where we experience the most resistance.

The threshold is where we experience the most fear.

The threshold is the place of most risk.

It's a pivotal moment in your journey, and although there is no way to get it wrong (wether you cross or you stay) the choices you make here will impact your future and the trajectory of your life beyond the threshold.

Thresholds are a place of choice, and decision.

They are where you hone your voice, and precision.

Brave action is needed at the threshold and that's what I am here to help equip you for. This masterclass is to help give you the tools you need to cross the threshold, step out into the unknown, slip into the primordial waters of the cocoon, and allow yourself to be stripped down

to your bare feminine essence.

Image by Brennan Burling
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Official Playlist

Start listening today, and enter the field created to hold you inside of this transformational event.

Included in Threshold:

Group Somatic Practice

Guided Breathwork & Meditation


This is for you if....

You struggle with imposter syndrome, people pleasing, self sabotage, codependent tendencies, or attachment issues.

You are new to the concept of your womb as a portal for healing.

You’re doing womb and yoni work, or actively breaking chains and old paradigms, but you’ve hit a plateau or you keep hitting the same blocks over and over.

You are ready to step into Sacred Union in your relationship but you keep experiencing the same triggers over and over...and you're not sure if it's them or you who is the issue.

Sex and pleasure are a pain point in your relationship but you're pretty sure sex isn't the *real* problem.

You are feeling called to root into the foundational work of speaking your truth in love, upholding loving boundaries, being fierce in your integrity to self, and inner child healing.

You've been told that you're "too in your masculine," or that you need to be "more in your feminine."

You feel drawn to working with the womb, and you wonder if your yoni holds more for you than just birthing babies and giving you orgasms.


You are ready to heal your wounded Maiden, be initiated into healthy maidenhood, and explore more expressions of The Divine Feminine.

Image by Brennan Burling
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Hello Darling,


I'm about to unveil some of the foundational secrets to thriving that I share with my clients, after they have hired me. I'm sharing this with you for FREE to help you cut through months of time and heartache stuck in old patterns of relating to yourself, to others, to God, and to life.


Because if you know these secrets before you hire your next coach, mentor, or therapist (or before you pick up your next spiritual self-help book), you're less likely to find yourself giving up right at the threshold of breakthrough.

Because if you know these secrets, you will be set up for success and thriving in your relationship to yourself, and to others. It's like knowing who the murderer is when you sit down with a bucket of popcorn to watch a new murder mystery movie. The clues start making so much more sense as you move from one life dilemma to the next with more clarity, confidence, and trust than before.

I'm not claiming that this masterclass will fix everything and give you a perfect life tied with a ribbon. Not a chance. I'm not in the business of fairytales and hogwash.


These foundational secrets for thriving are what helped me go from:

Image by Kenzo Yokoyama


  • chronically feeling misunderstood, and unable to communicate my truth, my desires, my needs, my wants, or what I needed to feel loved without feeling exhausted by the end of the conversation and wondering if I'm somehow impaired

  • contorting and dimming my "muchness" in an effort to keep my man happy with me

  • being in an abusive relationship with a man with a disorganized attachment style, narcissistic tendencies, and a heavy addiction to porn, masturbation, and self abuse

  • being the woman to silently take on verbal assault from a colleague in front of a crowd, without setting any boundaries or speaking up

  • thinking that if I could just "get it right" or "figure it out" or "heal my daddy wounds" then I could save my relationship and make my man feel loved by me

  • being really good at telling other people about themselves, and using communication as a weapon while not speaking my truth

  • being disconnected from my emotions, needs, desires, and boundaries

  • sacrificing myself and my most basic needs in an effort to over-deliver

  • secretly wondering if there was something wrong with me, as if I was wearing a sign on my back that said, "broken" that everyone could read except me

  • wondering if I'm the narcissist and the abuser, or if he is, and not being certain if my expectations were way out of the ballpark or if his were

  • speaking out of my pain and wounding, and letting it control my behaviors despite my efforts to fix myself

  • living as a victim without a voice who did her best to be "good"


  • no longer allowing anyone to disrespect me, or tolerating violent communication but holding myself in high regard and with respect. I honor my full-body, yoni-pulsing “Yes!” and my firm, womb-reverberating “No.”

  • I revel in my “muchness” and know that the untethered feminine nourishes the healthy masculine soul

  • I am secure in my boundaries, and know that they are not for them but that my boundaries are for ME, and I honor myself and my body’s needs

  • I no longer feel broken or see myself as an ongoing project, or something to be “fixed” or "healed" or "delivered"

  • I no longer am driven by the need for others to accept me and tell me I’m smart, pretty, or a success — I validate myselfI no longer need to prove my worth to anyone, not even myself

  • allowing other people to be responsible for their own actions without caretaking, and being firm in my desires, needs, and boundaries in my intimate relationship. I take personal responsibility for my own needs, desires, and wants, and I re-parent myself

  • being really good at getting to the truth, no longer tolerating violent, or accusatory communication styles

  • moving into healthy, secure attachment and being firm in my self worthI am embodied and connected to my wombspace, and my emotions.

  • no longer using black-and-white thinking but instead holding space for multiple truths, possibilities, and perspectives at a time

  • knowing how to recognize a wound and childhood survival strategy, and how to replace it with a strategy for intimacy and thriving

IF you are READY for METAMORPHOSIS, and you IMPLEMENT these simple but profound shifts and new perspectives, then your life will never be the same.

Please be prepared to face discomfort as you leave behind survival tactics and old patterns of relating, and step across the threshold into THRIVING and INTIMACY.

Image by Christopher Sardegna
This was taken in Tripoli, Libya. cold n


Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Embodiment Mentor,

Pleasure and Womb Coach

Amanda is a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner (completes March 2024), Certified Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Healing Hands Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Trained Doula.


Therapists, tantrikas, coaches, mothers, CEOs, sex & sensuality coaches, retreat leaders and creators, fathers, artists, financial advisors, musicians, doulas, pastors, serial entrepreneurs, worship leaders, graphic designers, midwives, massage therapists, radio hosts, estheticians, business owners, yoga instructors, photographers, and people from all walks of life are the people who hire Amanda.

Amanda has worked and trained with:

  • Tami Lynn Kent: author, women's pelvic care expert, women’s health physical therapist, founder of Holistic Pelvic Care™

  • Lucia Gabriela: CEO and Founder of Nuna Holistic Retreat Center, The Tantric Shamanic Somatic Institute, The Sacred Love Temple (Tantric Shamanic Events), The Sarasota Dark Temple (Sacred Kink Events), The Temples Alliance (Community), Producer to Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Festival and TantriKink® Creator.

  • Sigourney Belle: the founder of Soma Mystica™ and creator of Spinal Energetics™

  • Terrence Real: the creator of The RLT Method™, author, and renowned men's expert and couples therapist

  • Ibu Robin Lim: CNN hero of the year 2011, founder of Bumi Sehat, and founder of Gentle MotherBaby Clinics in Indonesia

  • Debra Pascali Bonaro: author of Orgasmic Birth, DONA certified birth doula trainer, and creator of Orgasmic Birth Doula training

  • Morgan Day Cecil: the founder of The Feminine Wholeness Method™ and The E.Y.E. Method

  • Ava Johanna: CEO and founder of The Academy of Breath™

  • Madison Morrigan: 5x International Award Winning Life and Leadership BYCA Certified Coach, and podcast hostess

  • Dr. Valerie Rein: author and psychologist who discovered PSD and founded The Thriving Circle®

  • Peter Levine: author and creator of Somatic Experiencing™

  • Dr. Douglas J. Price, author of Activate Your Brain To Heal Your Body and GNM practitioner


if you are are all in and willing to let the "old you" dissolve, and life as you have known it, as you become who you always were all along beneath the layers of who they told you to be, and your adaptive inner child's survival strategies...join us for this two day experiential masterclass as I unveil the secrets necessary for life beyond the THRESHOLD.

Please do not purchase if:

You believe that you aren't the problem in your relationship, but that it's your partner who needs to change...and you aren't willing to change your perspective, or learn about yourself.

You are looking for an opportunity to self-promote, or are otherwise not in a posture of learning and curiousity.

You are too comfortable with your current life experience and circumstances (despite any perceived misery) to implement true change and radical honesty including: choosing to be soft and kind towards yourself, feeling sensations in your body, working to uncover your emotional truth, confronting the survival strategies you have been using in life to get your needs met, or taking a new shape with your body.

You are unwilling to practice somatic experiences or tools in a virtual group setting, to have your profile photo as a photo of yourself, to have your full name (not business name or nickname) listed as your name, to have your camera on and mic off, to share during any breakout rooms, or to otherwise participate in the masterclass as an experiential event.

You believe that healing from trauma, abuse, or childhood wounds should happen quickly, overnight if not sooner, or that a masterclass can instantly heal and fix your pain. Or likewise, if you believe it is my job to fix your pain.


You over-identify with labels and boxes such as, "love avoidant" or "narcissist" or "anxious attached" or "fractured psyche" or "addict" or "depression" or "bipolar" etc. and you aren't willing to learn about the root wounds and needs behind these behaviors.

You believe that all unwanted patterns of behavior are demonic possession.


You don't believe you need to take personal responsibility for your life, and you want others to change first, or to see you, to understand you, to validate you, or to take the blame for your lack of results...and you are unwilling to begin to take a stance of power and self-responsibility to create the change and freedom you crave.

You believe that it's your partner's job to meet your needs...and you are unwilling to budge in your attempts to "get" them to do so.


You need speakers/leaders/mentors/coaches to be "perfect" or "enlightened," and to not share personal stories and anecdotes from their life, or to get raw and personal...and you're unwilling to de-pedestalize them.

You demand trigger warnings or you do not feel safe and become dis-regulated with an inability to re-regulate yourself.


You believe that you are a victim of life...and you are unwilling to become empowered as a co-creator of your story.


You believe that women should be subservient or submissive to men, and men are the leaders and authority of the home, and you do not wish to see or learn a new perspective or paradigm.

Talking about sexuality, and genitals, and body parts, and using words such as "penetrate" or "orgasmic" triggers you...and you are unwilling or not ready to move through the trigger.

You don't believe in spiritual influences, entities, and ancestrally inherited behaviors, wounds, and programs...and you aren't open to a new perspective. You believe everything you experience is your fault.

If the word "patriarchy" triggers you and you are unable to self-regulate. I use the term, "old paradigm" but for reference I will also use the term "patriarchy" since this is the globally recognized label currently being used.

If any of the above apply to you, this masterclass is not for you.

Threshold is for the women who accept their power, and know they are destined for greatness.

It's for those poised at the threshold, who are actively creating a new legacy, and who are ready to take brave action. It's for those who are breaking chains, and pioneering a way forward.

It's for those who are willing to do whatever Love requires of them, to go wherever Love would take them, and to leave whatever (or whomever) Love would invite them to uncouple from.

It's for those who are ready to unwind the survival strategies from childhood and dismantle those of their ancestors, and claim the intimacy, radiance, trust, pleasure, and freedom they know in their bones is their birthright.

This is for the torchbearers who are crossing new thresholds and creating new legacies for their lineage.


If you are releasing: people pleasing, imposter syndrome, settling for less in your romantic relationship, playing small in life and business, disconnection from your womb, dimming your radiance, self sabotage, unworthiness...and you are EMERGING into: thriving, healthy self expression, intimacy, and bliss, then tap the button below to access:

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