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Mother Nature's Birth Canal

There is hope.

You can't always see the signs of spring when it's coming. Sometimes it starts as a low groan within the belly of the earth as she shifts with the pangs of new life within, eager to emerge.

Sometimes, it's a shudder, rippling through the surface of the earth as the contractions begin that will soon push forth a new creation.

Other times, it is a slow and gradual descent into the dark, into the deep, downward until the crown of the newborn is wedged up to the soft and supple doorway of birth.

And so we are stuck. Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn. To retreat is to ever emerge; death. But to be pushed into a new and terrific unknown; also potential death. We find ourselves paralyzed with terror. The constriction, the pressure, the contractions--it's becoming more than we can bear.


Heaving, bleeding, orgasmic adrenaline, contracting, expanding, pulsing and gasping, stretching and opening, shuddering.

The earth is groaning as we gasp for precious oxygen to fill our lungs, shrieking and wailing and shivering, frightened and innocent. Hungry for nurture. Eager for reassurance, tenderness and love.

A soothing voice, a sweet taste. Calming touch, firm embrace. As pleasure floods ad feeds and warms, the peace comes.

Woman, this is OUR birth.

It is our time to emerge from the womb, and what will our birth story be? Will we let ourselves be shoved down, deep, into the dark of the depths of the womb? Where it's constricted and the pressure is near unbearable? Will we allow ourselves to push through the threshold, crowing ourselves the glory of a new life?

Or will we fight it and resist the contractions that are meant to usher us into our destiny?

The choice is ours. It's our birth story to write.

Every infant newly born from the mothers' chrysalis-womb needs tender nurture. Nourishment. Loving kindness. Remember to be gentle with yourself. To be soft. To give grace.

If you need to wail, if you need to be held, if you are stunned, if you need to be nourished, if you need to be touched, if you're in awe, if you're frightened, remember it all belongs in a beautiful birth story.

There is hope


in the dark.

In Mother Nature's Birth Canal.

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