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PSA to anyone who thinks their body is for judgement, criticism, comparison or coerced submission.

It’s not.

It doesn’t matter WHAT your body looks like, you can enjoy it RIGHT NOW.

Do you see me fretting over my body in this photo?


Not at all.

That’s because I wasn’t!

I literally had NO CLUE how this photo would turn out, but it FELT GOOD TO ENJOY MY BODY, to move and to stretch and feel the sun on my skin and the water running out from beneath my knees.

AFTER the photo was taken I was suddenly like, “oh dang it I don’t know when I shaved my armpits last.”

But guess what, no retouching because I was ON FIRE. And I don’t mean how I look, I mean HOW I FELT. I FELT LIKE I WAS ON FIRE.

I am not going to minimize myself because I am afraid of being judged.

I am not going to hate my body because it doesn’t meet society’s standards of beauty (I am part of society, therefore I set the standard 🏼).

I am not going to shrink back from encouraging women to embrace their bodies because I am afraid of being hated on by insecure women or trolled by greedy men.

How many times do we MISS OUT on ENJOYING LIFE and OUR BODIES just because we are married to our self hatred and self exclusion?

My body doesn’t disqualify me from anything.

Because I have a body, I am here.

I am alive.

I am on fire.

I am human and divine in one package.

I am love.

It is impossible to separate me from love—IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s such a part of who I am it’s not possible to take it out of my being.

And I will exude that love everywhere I go, for my own pleasure.

When I show up as Love, for myself, EVERYONE reaps the benefits.

Even the haters.

I am taking responsibility back for my pleasure, for my freedom and for my birthright to love and bless my body at EVERY 🏼 STAGE 🏼 OF 🏼 LIFE 🏼

Are you down for this?

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