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Your body is storing emotional memories that it wants to release

Today’s massage was a journey.

My therapist started with my tight spots and worked her way over my body.

As we neared the end of my time we could both feel there was something waiting. A breakthrough still being blocked.

I breathed deeper into my heart and followed my intuition.

I could feel the tension in my forehead and my jaw and I asked her to follow my awareness to those muscles.

As she massaged and deepened her strokes I surrendered more deeply and gave myself permission to not have it all figured out, and to FEEL with my heart.

Suddenly, I could feel that she’d found “the spot” and I asked her to go there with me.

As she applied pressure to the bound muscle, I breathed more deeply into my heart and as I felt myself come deeper into coherence and surrender I began to feel the emotions surfacing.

The muscle tension broke and deep emotion flooded my senses. My chest heaved a sigh as I burst into sobs, allowing the grief to flow through me.

She continued stretching the muscle and working it as it finally submitted to her touch.

As she moved to the second spot we had located, I felt myself become lighter and a subtle happiness crept over me.

We could both feel that the release I had needed had come and we ended my session.

I lay there basking in the joy and pressing into it as it washed over me.

I’m so thankful for a therapist that is willing to push through with me to find the breakthrough.

My energy and demeanor were so changed at the end of my massage, it was worth every ounce of emotional awkwardness or physical discomfort.

Your body is storing emotional memories that it wants to release, you just have to give it the space and love it needs and be willing to press through the pain, into The Joy that is waiting inside of you.

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