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with Amanda Rose

Sacred Uncoupling

For those seeking to uncouple with intention, love, integrity, and grace.


and you still desire to love even through your uncoupling and the closing of your relationship


Do you desire to leave a legacy of love no matter the outcome of the relationship or marriage?

You may have wondered: is it possible for your uncoupling to be loving, honoring, respectful, and sacred?

Is it on your heart to love yourself and your partner well through the process of un-intertwining your hearts and lives?

Perhaps you have a business, or family, that you share and want to preserve through the uncoupling or divorce process.

If you have been looking for a counter-cultural way to bring closure to a partnership you thought would be your forever, and you value ceremony and the history you have co-created with your partner (or "ex") then I've got you.

I was married for 10 years, and my previous husband and I co-created the most beautiful, honest, supportive, and honoring uncoupling experience that left us both feeling loved, accepted, heard, understood, and valued. It's a testament to the love we co-created together during our marriage and it's something we both wish that more couples could experience during their uncoupling or divorce process.

Much like marriage, there is no blueprint.

Your uncoupling will be as unique as your relationship and love story was.

This is not the easy way out.

This is by far the harder path to take when it comes to breakups, divorce, and uncoupling.

If you are devoted to Love, to creating art through your loving, and to honoring each other through the pain and heartache that inevitably comes with separation then this path is for you.

Uncoupling in a sacred way will ask everything of you.

It will invite you to your edge.

It will demand your truth.

It will grow your capacity to love, and be loved.

Relationship is the ultimate medicine journey.

If you are not willing to confront the truth about you, your partner, and your relationship, then this path is not for you. Your radical ownership, self responsibility, and self acceptance will be required to move through the process in an awakened way.

If you are willing to embrace your flaws and those of your partner, and stay with the process until you both feel your experience has been witnessed, then welcome to Sacred Uncoupling.

Image by Smit Patel

Choosing A Loving Uncoupling

from survival to sacred

from tolerating to truthful

from blame to blessing

from hostility to honor

a love story like yours deserves to be honored even as it comes to a close, if not especially so

when you truly love another, the love never dies it only morphs, changes, grows, and transforms into something new


"I went from being in a difficult divorce and thinking I might never be with someone again, to being engaged!"

"Prior to working with Amanda I struggled with being connected to my Wombspace and pleasure. Now I understand the need to slow down and focus on what I’m actually feeling, to feel pleasure for its own sake…whether that’s great food, being in nature or intimacy with my fiancée! I’m worth the effort and focus! I learned how to walk from my Wombspace with an open soft front and strong back. I’ve moved from a JOB to my own private therapeutic massage practice, full time. Amanda is great at making you feel safe to share whatever needs to come up…no shame ever!"


Annette Raetz, Massage Therapist

Image by Alex Perez

What's Included

  • Sacred Uncoupling/Divorce Ritual & Ceremony for you and your partner to adapt and make your own.

  • Teachings and practices to help you live as love and create art even in your uncoupling and divorce process.

  • Feminine embodiment practices for opening to Love as Love

  • Masculine practice for creating safety and structure during the uncoupling

  • Meditations and visualizations to help unwind your energy fields, and bring closure to the union.

  • Real-life examples from my life and marriage; feedback I received from my previous husband on our uncoupling and divorce process, reflections from us both on our marriage and uncoupling, breakups and uncoupling from a man's perspective and a woman's perspective

In His Words:

xxx xxxx xxx

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Payments Of:

$111.11 USD

Pay In Full:

$222.22 USD

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available. If you are unsure this is for you, please reach out and chat with Amanda on her socials, or email:


Your legacy of love never ends.


Amanda Rose

​Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Embodiment Mentor,

Pleasure and Womb Coach

Amanda is a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner (completes March 2024), Certified Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Healing Hands Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Trained Doula.

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