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Don't settle for a relationship that feels like it's either “his way” or “her way.”

Let me show you the “Third Way.”

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I feel more sovereign, embodied and whole as a man.

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I was skeptical initially to work with Amanda but she understands me! Thank you. Because of the couples immersion with Amanda I broke off lies, found a core wound, and have more hope! An “aha” that happened during the intensive, was realizing that I don't have to be this "uber alpha dude" as portrayed by the masculinity coaches today to be fully me. If you are right now standing at the same fork in the road wondering if you should make this investment in your relationship--do it. Live fully alive. 5/5 fully satisfied with the experience overall.

I restored massive amounts of trust in myself and my body.

I love that it was face to face instead of online. It feels so much safer to express in person. I felt a high level of integrity in the container, hearing each partners pain and remaining a neutral third party. That is a new experience for me. The level of fearlessness to address anything and everything that came up was so refreshing. The ability to make it fun and sexy was a breath of fresh air. A true vessel of wisdom and truth, Amanda cuts to the heart of the matter in a way that feels so honoring and respectful. She doesn't shame or blame or ridicule. She sees straight into your soul and still loves you as if you were perfect. A true love and hope for humanity is a felt experience with Amanda. You will not regret it. Be brave and willing to face yourself and you will be supported in the most beautiful way.

Beth & Jerry
married 22 years

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In any relationship, the cocoon phase of unbecoming and rebecoming can be challenging to navigate. In my experience, it feels as if a part of the relationship, a part of you, is dying. My couples mentorship package is designed to guide you and your partner through this season of death and into your rebirth as individuals, and as a couple.


I provide a safe space for you to share your deepest fears, desires, and hopes so that you can connect on a deeper level during this pivotal moment in your union. Together, we'll explore The Third Way - the path that honors both of you and allows you to grow in love and harmony (and honors both of your desires and needs) within your sacred union.


With my help, we will unpack what some of your core wounds, needs, desires, and relational patterns are and through somatic and embodiment work I will guide you through them to meet them with Love, allowing you to experience a sacred union beyond your wildest dreams…first within YOURSELF and secondly, with your partner.

Happy Couple
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  • Two 90 minute calls per month for the duration of the container

  • Individual 90 minute sessions for each partner per month.

  • One in-person overnight intensive:

- in-person bodywork and energy healing

  • Private platform with lifetime access to the recordings of all the sessions

  • Private Telegram Group Chat for the duration of the container

Each container is tailored-for-you and your individual needs as a couple.

Loving Couple
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Chemistry & Eroticism

Learn how to create polarity, chemistry, and passion within your relationship. Dive into breaking free from old habits and patterns of sexual relating. Expect to be guided through practices in person to create erotic tension, and be given "home play" to explore after Day 1, before Day 2 begins. You will need to be willing to see your partner through new eyes, and allow yourself to express yourself in new ways as we dive into this topic together.

Communication & Boundaries

Learn new, healthy ways of communicating and expressing your needs, desires, and boundaries. Be prepared to break out of your comfort zone, and learn new body language tools -- not just verbiage. You'll need a willingness to learn, a childlike heart, and grace for both you and your partner as each of you uncover more of yourself and what you TRULY need, and desire.

Acceptance & Understanding

Learn your partners trauma language, what triggers them and WHY. Learn how to move through triggers together, and develop a strategy for future triggers so that you are both on the same team working together as one force instead of feeling pitted against each other, or without tools for triggers and trauma resolution.

Betrayal & Addiction

In the case where betrayal, or addiction is present, receive counseling on these issues and have support in navigating the chaos and pain these can so often bring to a marriage. Expect a trauma-informed perspective and not one of "addiction is a disease" or "chemical imbalance" that needs to be supported by medication, nor a 12-step approach. Expect instead to uncover the root and heart of these issues, while staying connected to Love. Develop a plan for the future of your relationship, and next steps.

Orgasmic Connection

In the case where climax has eluded one, or both...or if you simply crave more sexual BLISS! We can go into explicit detail on how you can both learn each other's anatomy, and pleasure language. Learn tips, tantric techniques, embodiment tools, practical solutions, and more. Each body is truly a wonderland. Tailored for each individual couples' sexual needs.

Rewrite Religious Programming

Struggling to overcome religious conditioning, but still feel you are deeply spiritual, and desire to have a Love focused relationship? Unsure of how to merge sexuality and spirituality? This is something we can dive into from an embodiment perspective, unwinding old narratives and conditioning that manifest in the body in the form of held tensions and patterns. (no spiritual direction will be given.)

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Payment Plans available upon request.

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