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“Amanda is truly a light worker and a medicine woman. And not in a metaphoric sense for she is the genuine original. I am still matrix-shattered, and completely mind blown after my in-person intensive. My life feels so different without the old limiting beliefs I and the ancestral energies and entities that were attached to my life carried. Life feels softer, I replaced a lot of fear with curiosity.  Life is now whatever I choose it to be instead of weighed down with energies and identities that were never mine to hold. Not only did Amanda create a safe space and safe container in which to heal, get messy and explore, but I don’t recall a time in my life that I ever felt more lovingly and gently held in every way.

There is something magical about women supporting other women in this vulnerable and intimate way. I feel it in every fiber of my soul. It was something missing that I didn’t know was missing until it felt touched, seen, safe, exposed, and could open and heal. Amanda knows how to live in the moment in awe and wonder, and she knows how to command a room or even a city if need be. The mother heart of God I encountered within her ministered to a place that was previously locked behind stone walls and was numb, that now longs for me to push past my fears and insecurities to continue to connect with other women. I can honestly say that I experienced heaven on earth in a beautiful way during my time with Amanda, and I highly recommend her as medicine woman, mentor, friend, and womb holder.”

Jen Curtis, long-term client (2023 testimonial)


Embodied Womb

Free Download

This free guidebook goes over basic anatomy, and techniques to de-armor your yoni and introduces you to the practice of hands-on womb and bodywork. A beautiful pre-cursor to the WombTerrain Immersive Experience, this guidebook is over 30+ pages and gives you what you need to confidently begin your own personal practice at home, with your breath, your presence, and your touch.

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