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Melt away your armour, Embody your true essence,
Radiate your love

3 Day All-Inclusive Retreat
Catskill Mountains, NY ~ June 21-23 2024

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We all want to trust our body, to melt away our armour, to open freely in the arms of love, to feel fully, and wildly express in glorious abandon of our tightly clutched inhibitions.


The Embodied Womb Experience is an exploration of the arts of sacred sensuality, body reclamation, brave sisterhood, the wild feminine, gentle emotional and full body dearmouring, yoni mapping, and esoteric alchemy.


Where breathtaking nature meets herbal medicine, meets womb and yoni healing, meets sisterhood bonding, meets cozy, healing

wellness retreat.


This isn't a mindset-focused cognitive massage, or a teaching-filled brain tickle.

This is deep alchemical embodiment that metamorphoses from within the mystery of soma and soul.

In plain English: the focus is not on comprehension but on transformation.

The focus is not on intellectual education, but on heart-womb transmutation.

Don't come if you want to leave with a notebook filled with new ideas and concepts.

Come if you want to move through life as a more embodied, trusting, softened, nurtured, powerful, nourished, radiant woman.

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all human life came through a

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yet this is truly "the last frontier"


In perhaps the most unsung tragedy in history, the womb became an after-thought often only centered when pain, betrayal, birth, or disease suddenly highlighted the importance of this power source.

Instead of living, moving, loving, and breathing from the womb, women have adopted man's way of life, man's way of loving, and man's way of connecting to God.

Women have persevered and found ways to thrive despite this disconnect from their God-given wellspring of regenerative life-force energy...

...but at what cost?

I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body. I have cried a lot, realizing just how much I have asked of her, not knowing how to nurture and care for her, then being annoyed and despised her when she manifested pain or asked for a break...the embodiment exercises (during the retreat) have been vital to my wellbeing. My vagina has been more sensitive as well...It's been a beautiful time of loving her and meeting her and making up for years of neglect and abuse and it's really amazing how gracious and loving she is, never against me or out to bring me down like I had always thought her to be.
It really is a beautiful thing!

Beth: Embodied Womb Retreat 2022

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In their own words, this is what women want and what women have been missing:

"I would be fully confident in what I want to experience and I would own my voice. I would be fully open to receiving the intimate connection that I have always dreamed about."

"I would have a body that matches my soul. I would be in love with myself and the world. Delight would welcome me at every sun set and every sun rise. The world would be filled with wonder and beauty, and sorrow and weeping. I would feel the throb of the earth, and howl at the moon. My hair would be wild and free, and my own sensuality could send me into the throes of orgasmic bliss. And I'd share it all with the world."

"It would feel like freedom. Not caring what I look like or what others think of me. Feeling and creating my own safety in my body. Using my voice and being brave enough to try new things."

"It would look like surrender, heart-opening, and all orgasmic--everything from sex to day-to-day life. I would be a creative, juicy, flowing goddess. Someone who went off intuition and her body, her yoni, and created magic in everything."

"I would have complete presence and feeling in my yoni, which would flow to every part of me."

"Being fully confident in myself to try new things, kinky things, and being more playful and teasing. I also would love more deep, spiritual sex, doing connecting breathwork together, and experiencing energetic orgasms."

"I would bring spirituality and sexuality together. I would live in it out loud. I would give the same gift to other women in my life as well, including how to guide my teenage daughters as they enter into womanhood."

"I would be fully present in my pleasure. It’s so hard. I have to go outside myself and really push myself to be in the pleasurable moments with my husband and with my own body. It’s a fight to block out the sexual abuse I experienced as a young teen."

What has it cost you?

Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug
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"Amanda truly has a gift of holding space in service of other women, and I know it’s not a random gift, but one that’s been forged in fire. I was...happily surprised at the new information I gained... Amazing how women can go decades with incorrect understanding of their anatomy. At the very least, this sheds light on the chronic disconnect so many women, including myself, experience in their bodies. It’s obviously more complicated and nuanced than just facts, but if we have gotten the mere basics wrong, how much more is there to learn and heal from? Get more dissatisfied with where you are. Not in a masculine, striving sort of way, but a “I know I was made for more than my current experience in my one precious life” sort of way. I was so passive about my healing, and embodiment doesn’t drop into our laps. It takes our participation..."

Brenda K.

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The Embodied Womb Retreat

Was designed as a safe haven for you to soften and surrender into, as you gently but tenaciously dearmour your body, heart, and womb.


You will leave The Embodied Womb Retreat Experience with:

The ability to move from your womb, wombspace and embodied self, from your WOMAN, and not your inner adaptive child (wounded maiden)

Having released and alchemized residual layers of shame, and having created capacity in the body for greater pleasure and abundance. 

Your residual armour melting away, living tapped into your God-given Eros. Experiencing being held in both your surrender and your power.

De-armoured breasts and yoni, an internal integrated and embodied map of your wombspace, and having releas held patterns of tension from your physical and emotional bodies.

Knowing how to play with Feminine and Masculine energetics within yourself and in partner work -- and having heal woundings from the masculine, and the feminine in your life.

Real-world tools and skills you can take back to your daily life for thriving and intimacy, in your relationships to others and yourself.

Having relaxed, played, and unwound from connecting to the earth and nature, your body, and other women through candid and honest conversations.

Clarity on what "The Masculine" and "The Feminine" truly are beyond polarity and having learned to become embodied and integrated instead of fragmented and incomplete.

The ability to discern the gifts that your shadow self has to offer you, and how to leverage your triggers for greater alchemy and spiritual growth.

And more...

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You will be held in a strong container of women, and guided into your wild feminine roots. You will be led in the art of feminine embodiment, ecstatic surrender, sexual reclamation, womb healing, and wild expression.


I will hold you in sacred ceremony, guide you into embodied practices, and direct you back to your breath and your root so that you can explore your depths physically

as well as metaphysically.

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Awaken Your Essence

Step into our sacred haven where the essence of womanhood is celebrated, and the whispers of the earth guide us toward luminous awakening. You'll discover the keys to unlocking your womb energy, shedding the layers that bind and awakening to the limitless potential within.


Embrace Your Sacred Sensuality

Through the art of dearmouring we delve into the depths of your being, releasing the echoes of past wounds and unleashing the raw power of your essence, igniting the sensual fire within.


Embrace Your Divinity

Eradicate and transcend victimhood, unravel deep-seated patterns of people pleasing, and awaken dormant intuitive gifts. Stretch your capacity for pleasure and tap into the wisdom of your lineage. Discover a pathway to reclaiming your autonomy, and unveiling the purpose that pulses within your veins.

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This Retreat is a three day experience where we will spend time in embodied practice, soul to soul conversation and mentorship, and in deep relaxation of your woman. (this includes play, and exploration of the surrounding nature!)


The daily retreat sessions include somatic dearmouring, and yoni dearmouring (internal and external), breath work, somatic practices, yoni steaming, energy healing, feminine embodiment practice and archetype work...and more!


June 21st, 22nd, & 23rd

Location details to be discussed at time of booking, only.
Transportation cost not included.

Nourishing, organic meals will be provided along with lodging at the retreat cabin, and your reservation includes all retreat sessions.

Must be 21+ to attend.

Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug

How Will It Change My Life?

 I am confident you will receive in ways that crack you open to God and bring in a softness you haven't experienced perhaps ever as you embody your womb, heart, and soul more fully.

If your intention is to heal sisterhood/motherhood wounds and mistrust of the feminine oracle, I promise you that these woundings will have opportunity to surface and the healing modalities and presence of other women combined will be as liquid gold to cracks in pottery...if you are open to receiving.

If your intention is to release ancestral "baggage" and activate ancestral wisdom and gifts, to alchemize sexual shame, to partner with your natural created rhythms and Wombspace in a way that allows your life to align for your highest good...these practices, rituals, and alchemy will manifest for you here.

If your intention is deep rest and surrender, events will conspire for you to feel the safety you need to let go...and allow the Divine to guide and hold you.

If your intention is to focus on releasing wounds around the masculine, this is a safe container to allow that process to evolve.

What is your wild soul  longing for? What is Spirit calling you towards?


Why The Womb?

please watch this short video clip

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What's Included

Lodging & Location

Lodging in the Catskills Mountains of NY with gorgeous views, and easy access to nature for the duration of the retreat: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We expect clear blue skies, trees and nature in full bloom, cool refreshing water, and temps warm enough for sun bathing. The closest airport is Albany, NY.


Nutritious, and organic brunch and dinner (prepared on-site) are provided each day of the retreat along with refreshments and snacks. If you have any dietary restrictions, these must be communicated prior to arrival through the booking process with Amanda.

Daily Retreat Practices

Each day opens with group practice and teaching, with structured breaks between sessions. Sessions include but are not limited to: include somatic dearmouring, womb and yoni dearmouring (internal and external), breath work, meditation, somatic practices, yoni steaming, energy healing, cacao and herbal ally "ceremonies," feminine embodiment practice and archetype work.


Free time to explore the natural surroundings and outdoors, weather permitting. You're encouraged to stay nearby leading up to teh retreat, or following the retreat to further explore the area nearby. Hiking, and swimming, are within driving distance.




~ Group Telegram Chat that opens 2-3 weeks prior to the retreat and closes 2-3 weeks after the retreat ends

~ Two months access to "Wombspace The 13 Month Membership" (month of June & July)

More than any other time in my life, I feel more connected to my wombspace & yoni, like they are dear friends and not just anatomical parts of my body.

Attendee: Embodied Womb Retreat 2022

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Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Embodiment Mentor,

Pleasure and Womb Coach

Amanda is a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Pelvic Care™ Practitioner, Certified Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Healing Hands Energy Healing™ Practitioner, Certified Soma Mystica™ Practitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method™ Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Trained Doula.


Therapists, tantrikas, coaches, mothers, CEOs, sex & sensuality coaches, retreat leaders and creators, fathers, artists, financial advisors, musicians, doulas, pastors, serial entrepreneurs, worship leaders, graphic designers, midwives, massage therapists, radio hosts, estheticians, business owners, yoga instructors, photographers, and people from all walks of life are the people who hire Amanda.

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My Work

This retreat is a nervous system-aware and trauma-wise container.

This means going at the pace of your capacity.

This means taking it as fast as the slowest part of you.

This means honoring the body as well as the mind, the energy, and the spirit.


This retreat will melt away all the conditioning that told you that you needed to be less.

or more.


My work is not about saving you, or fixing you.


I will not be giving you a step-by-step cookie cutter process or formula to follow. I will not be teaching you how to be like me, how to be the perfect feminine woman, or any other such nonsense. If you have this impression you need to purchase Threshold to get to know me better before attending one of my in-person immersions.


I will teach you how to know your own body, how to tune into your own womb, and how to live from an embodied and sovereign space. Who you are as a woman is deeply unique, and the way The Feminine wants to express through you is equally unique.


My work is aimed at empowering you to live your truth, re-member yourself, reconnect to your womb and yoni, embody your wholeness and discover your true feminine essence.


It's largely intuitive, experiential (very "unorthodox" at times) and I also apply what I have learned as an integrative somatic trauma therapy practitioner. I believe in co-creating with my clients versus coming at it from an “I have the answers” approach and I also trust my ability to see patterns, cycles, and strategies at play that aren't serving your thriving and desire for intimacy.


I show up in all my humanity inside of my containers. You'll witness me honoring my woman, and my body, and you will be encouraged to do the same -- but you won't be micromanaged.


I believe that YOU are the ultimate authority on you. I believe that YOU have the answers within, and that your INNATE INTERNAL WISDOM bears witness to your Divinity. I simply bring tools, support, and facilitate a container for you to be able to receive the mirroring you need and clarity to be able to hear from Spirit within you. (This includes mentorship, coaching, and teaching.)


I am the torchbearer. The guide. The practitioner -- not the fixer. What I offer is simply a beautiful practice of God working through me. It’s ultimately up to you to do the work, and I offer myself as a vessel for TRUTH, COMPASSION, LOVE, and the energy of TRANSFORMATION to move through.


This will be a space where you can explore yourself and learn to hold yourself. It will require your vulnerability, curiosity, willingness to be coached and corrected in a group setting, your willingness to be accepted and loved in a group setting, and for you to show up fully as yourself.

Are you ready to be held in equal parts reverence and play?

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Your Tuition: $2500

The deposit payment to reserve your spot is $500. This deposit will go towards your registration balance once your application is approved. If for any reason your application is not approved for this specific retreat, your deposit will be refunded.

Space is limited to preserve the intimacy of the retreat.


Embodied Woman Upgrade

Add-on early arrival to spend time lounging with Amanda, a pre-retreat 1:1 session to explore your desires, unearth your internal resistance and "blocks", and receive a personal full-body dearmouring session with Amanda. Includes a private, 1:1 internal womb dearmouring session post-retreat with Amanda, and a virtual 1:1 session for integration.


Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug

Lodging Details

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Beds are in a shared bedroom space. This is an immersive event intended to bring us into sisterhood and allow us to let our walls down gently in a safe haven. Think of this as the healing sleepover you never knew your feminine soul longed for and needed.
If you need a private room, please make this known to Amanda during booking. There is an added charge of $500 to reserve a private room and these are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis with very limited availability.

What will meals be like?

Organic and nourishing ingredients and meal plan will be provided. We will be serving meat and/or animal products at this event. Amanda will do her best to ensure there is something for everyone, milk alternatives, and gluten free options, etc. Snacks provided will be very simple, such as fruit, cheese and olives. Please bring your own snacks, and contact Amanda if you have any questions about your dietary concerns. This is a time to gather, experience healing through sisterhood, nourishment, and hygge.

Image by Kevin McCutcheon
Image by Kiwihug

Answers to FAQ

Herbal Allies

A potent Damiana herbal infusion, and Kava Cacao as part of our embodied journey into our depths, into our wombs, into partnership with nature and with God, and to foster a felt sense of restoration. Cacao is well known, as is the Kava Kava plant. Damiana has been used in healing feminine, and sexual wounds since the times of the Mayans and Aztecs. No Cannabis will be served, nor is it allowed on the premises, nor are other outside plant medicines (psychedelics), alcohol, or tobacco.​​ Absolutely no smoking is allowed on premises.

Nudity & Boundaries

This is not a nude retreat. However, some activities might offer optional degrees of nudity and mutual consensual interaction with other participants. Your personal boundaries will always be held in the highest regard. Whether you choose to participate in partially nude activities, stay fully clothed, or to not participate, your choice is wholly respected and welcomed. During retreat sessions, Amanda will remain clothed. Amanda may sunbathe naked, may skinny dip naked, or otherwise engage in partial or full nudity outside of the retreat sessions. Participants are allowed to connect with nature in similar ways outside of retreat sessions. Amanda never engages in any sexual conduct with attendees, and attendees are prohibited from exploring sexual conduct with each other during the retreat. If seeing other women in various stages of dress or undress during retreat experiences, or outside of retreat sessions, is disturbing or distressing for you, this is not the retreat for you.

Trauma Informed, Not Trauma Care

At the outset of our event, we'll institute trauma-aware guidelines and retreat boundaries. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels completely respected and at ease, moving at a pace that aligns with their individual comfort. We aren't equipped to address deep-seated or very recent trauma during this retreat. Those seeking trauma-related healing should consult Amanda for 1:1 work, or should seek support from a somatic trauma therapist. No medical experts will be present during our event. The purpose of this retreat is educational and recreational. If you have concerns about attending, we advise you to consult with a medical professional or your mental health care provider to determine if this event is suitable for you.

Mutual Participation & Interaction

We prioritize a pressure-free environment. No participant is obliged to engage in any activity they're uncomfortable with. Everyone is empowered to determine their level of involvement, ensuring informed consent is always at the forefront. Specific segments allow participants to practice techniques through mutual interaction, such as partnered exercises or small group activities. These opportunities to explore and embody the principles taught are optional but encouraged, and individual choice is prioritized. All interactions are conducted with care, respect, and adherence to guidelines and personal boundaries. That said, if you are not prepared and willing to interact in a group setting with other women, and meet your edges, this may not be the retreat for you and it would be best if you did not attend at this time.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The $500 USD deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. If your application is approved, this deposit will go towards your registration balance.


If your application is not approved, you will be refunded 100% of the reservation deposit.


To qualify for early bird registration price, you must sign the retreat waiver/contract and commit to a payment plan or make the payment in full by the agreed upon dates. IF there is any delay in the contract being completed, and payment plan being agreed to, and the early bird registration window has closed, you will forfeit the early bird price and your deposit will go towards full registration price.


All cancellation and refund requests must be sent in writing via email to: and all requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Cancellation before May 31st: receive a 100% refund minus the $500 application deposit.


Cancellation between May 31st and June 7th: Receive a 50% refund, minus the $500 application deposit.


Cancellation between June 7th and June 14th: Registration paid is non-refundable, any future payments will be cancelled.


Cancellation after June 14th: Registration paid is non-refundable and all payment plans must be completed as agreed per signed contract.

Your Scope of Practice

This retreat is designed to meet you where you are. You will be asked to meet edges in yourself that may feel uncomfortable and at times, very activating or triggering. If this is not something you are used to, or willing to hold yourself through, this may not be the ideal retreat for you. If you are willing to step in and meet those edges then we welcome you. This retreat is a great introduction to my work, and wonderful preparation for my other retreats and more advanced offers. It is also ideal for the repeat client, who knows that every retreat experience is unique and holds another layer deeper when the student is willing. If you attended the very first Embodied Womb Retreat, you won't feel "too advanced" during this retreat, and the layout and sessions will be very different. This is Embodied Womb 2.0!

How Can I Connect With Other Attendees?

We will connect you post registration with a Telegram group so you can coordinate with other participants if you wish to share rides or transportation to and from the airport.

Will There Be On-Site Massage?

Not during this retreat. On-site massages are now being reserved for higher ticket retreats, and are no longer available at lower ticket events and retreats. You are welcome to explore any spas in the surrounding area before the retreat begins, or after it has closed.

Does This Retreat Accommodate Transgender Women?

This retreat is designed for women born as females. Any and all people are loved by Amanda, and this retreat is not designed for any humans that do not have a wombspace. No men will be admitted, or on site. No transgender persons will be admitted, or on site. In order to follow the practices, you need to have a female pelvis and pelvic bowl, as well as female genitals.

Gender Orientations

Females of all gender orientations are welcome to attend. I will be using binary language, I will not be using pronouns, and I will not be inviting attendees to share their pronouns. If you are comfortable with not being made exceptions for, then you are welcome to attend. If you are triggered when someone uses the terms, "she, her, hers" or "woman" when referencing you, this is not the retreat for you. You are loved, and this retreat is not designed for those who are currently unable or unwilling to be part of a group of women using gendered language and pronouns. Women who identify as bi, or as lesbian, are always welcome to attend however, this is not a lesbian retreat, or a sex retreat. Absolutely no sexual conduct between attendees is allowed, regardless of orientation or sexual preferences.

If you have any doubts or questions, you're always welcome to reach out to me:

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