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Embodied Womb Retreat

Coming Winter 2023

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During This Retreat You Will:

Create such a stronghold of safety in your body that self expression becomes natural instead of "too much."

Integrate trauma, alchemize shame, and create capacity in the body for pleasure and abundance.

Discern the gifts that your shadow self has to offer you, and how to leverage your inner "bad girl" for greater alchemy and spiritual growth.

De-armour your womb, to map your yoni/wombspace, and to release held patterns of tension in the physical and emotional body.

Play with Feminine and Masculine energetics within yourself -- and heal woundings from the masculine, and the feminine in your life.

Identify your specific flavor of sexuality, learn how to communicate with and through the body, and honor your feminine seasons.

And more...

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Why The Womb?

please watch this short video clip

Join us in the Colorado Mountains

The Embodied Womb is a retreat to gather in sisterhood and experience healing and nourishment for womb, soul, and spirit.


Let yourself be held in intimate sisterhood and guided into your womb portal into the deep sigh you have been longing for! It's safe for you to be held, darling.

Where breathtaking nature meets herbal medicine, meets womb and yoni healing, meets sisterhood bonding, meets mountain cabin wellness getaway.

Nestled between the mountains of Colorado, we will explore the arts of sacred sensuality, body reclamation, brave sisterhood, the wild feminine, gentle trauma integration, and esoteric alchemy.

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3  Immersive Days & Nights

This all-inclusive retreat will be held at a cabin nestled in the Colorado mountains near Denver.



Transportation from the airport and all location details to be discussed at time of booking, only. To book, secure a call with Amanda to go over the details and ensure your eligibility.

Flight cost not included.

Nourishing, organic meals will be provided along with lodging at the retreat cabin, and your reservation includes all retreat sessions.

Must be 21+ to attend.

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What It Is

This all-inclusive retreat is for the wild woman who seeks to fully inhabit and embody her wild nature. She desires to take her place as a modern-day medicine woman by first receiving so that she may pour out to her family, lineage, and others in her community. She longs for feminine expression through movement, connecting with herbs, body reclamation, and womb healing. This retreat is about turning inward, radical sisterhood, lineage reclamation, womb healing, and honest expression. I'm imagining a gathering of women who are coming together to intentionally melt their walls, their resistance, their prejudices, their fears...all in the name of love, wholeness, and worthiness.

You will be held in a strong container of women, and guided into your wild feminine roots.

You will be led in the art of feminine embodiment, ecstatic surrender, sexual reclamation, and wild expression.

 I will hold you in sacred ceremony, guide you into embodied practices, and direct you back to your breath and your roots.

I will take you physically into your depths as well as metaphysically. You will meet you in a way you have never met yourself.

The Retreat:

I am leaving the finer details to MYSTERY but here is a teaser:

  • Daily Feminine Embodiment Practices

  • Wombspace Mapping (you must be comfortable with meeting your depths)

  • Herbal Medicine and Take-Home Support (see FAQ below for more details)

  • Womb Healing (see FAQ for more details)

  • Sensual Embodiment Reclamation Through Photography (see FAQ for more details)

  • Bodywork Sessions Available for Purchase/Booking on Site (read more about that here)

  • Organic and nourishing meals (see Lodging Details below for more)

  • Cabin lodging with gorgeous views (see Lodging Details below for more)

  • Free time to explore the natural surroundings and outdoors, weather permitting.

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How Will It Change My Life?

 I am confident you will receive in ways that crack you open to God and bring in a softness you haven't experienced perhaps ever. If your intention is to heal sisterhood/motherhood wounds and mistrust of the feminine oracle, I promise you that these woundings will have opportunity surface and the healing modalities and presence of other women combined will be as liquid gold to cracks in pottery. If your intention is to release ancestral trauma, to alchemize sexual shame, to partner with your natural created rhythms and Wombsapce in a way that allows your life to align for your highest good...these practices, rituals, and alchemy will manifest for you here. If your intention is deep rest and surrender, events will conspire for you to feel the safety you need to let go...and allow the Divine to guide and hold you. If your desire is to focus on releasing wounds around the masculine, this is a safe container to allow that process to evolve.

What is your wild soul  longing for? What is Spirit calling you towards?

Tip: Watch the video at the top of the page for more clarity.


 $500 Deposit (subtracted from total price) required upon booking.

Reservation prices are listed on the booking page.

All reservations are non-refundable unless God intervenes.

Lodging Details

What are the sleeping arrangements?

The beds are first come first serve as each woman claims her spot by booking. This is an immersive event intended to bring us into sisterhood and allow us to let our walls down gently in a safe haven. Think of this as the healing sleepover you never knew your feminine soul longed for and needed.

What will meals be like?

Organic and nourishing ingredients and meal plan will be provided. We will be serving meat and/or animal products at this event. Amanda will do her best to ensure there is something for everyone, milk alternatives, and gluten free options, etc. Snacks provided will be very simple, such as fruit, cheese and olives. Please bring your own snacks, and contact Amanda if you have any questions about your dietary concerns. This is a time to gather, experience healing through sisterhood, nourishment, and hygge.

Cooking Eggs
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Amanda Rose

Meet Your Hostess and Retreat Facilitator

  • Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Womb Holder, Embodiment Coach, and Medicine Woman

  • Creator of WombTerrain™

  • Founder/Herbal Alchemist at The Soulful Apothecary

  • Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator

  • Rewilded Birth™ Doula

  • Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner

  • Skinny Dipper and Ice Bather

Image by Claudio Schwarz


Will there be snow?

I hope it snows!!! However, the snows may have melted not yet fallen by the time we gather for our retreat, which is TBD. We will be near the mountains at a higher elevation, so the surrounding mountain ranges may still have snow...there is no way to accurately predict but in this area, sometimes there is snow yet during this season at this location. And sometimes it blizzards!! haha Let's manifest some gentle snow, shall we, babe? In the meantime, pack clothing for weather that could be sunny and 70* or cold and snowy! Think: layers and a snow jacket, and hiking boots if you want to explore the outdoors--just in case.

What Herbal medicines will be used?

A potent Damiana herbal infusion, and Kava Cacao as part of our embodied journey into our depths, into our wombs, into partnership with nature and with God, and to foster a felt sense of restoration. Cacao is well known, as is the Kava Kava plant. Damiana has been used in healing feminine, and sexual wounds since the times of the Mayans and Aztecs. No Cannabis will be served, nor is it allowed on the premises, nor are other outside plant medicines (psychedelics), alcohol, or tobacco.​​ Absolutely no smoking is allowed on premises.

What will the womb healing entail?

This will be a guided practice much like a guided meditation, or an instructed massage. Amanda will not be performing these practices on you but will act as a guide during the practices for you to follow.  If you want to book a private session with Amanda for hands-on energy work and womb healing, please contact her before the retreat so that she may accommodate you during the immersion.

During the photography sessions for sensual reclamation and wild expression, you may be nude if you wish for any or all photos. Photos will only be tasteful and artistic and will be for your private use alone. This is part of healing your relationship to your body, expression and sensuality. You will be required to sign a waiver before the retreat to give Amanda (or other woman photographer) permission to photograph you.

This does not apply to photos or videos taken of the event during the immersion/retreat. Do not attend the retreat if you do not wish to be photographed or videoed. I honor where everyone is on their reclamation journey, and if you are not yet comfortable with photos then please wait to attend future events.

Amanda will most likely end up skinny dipping/chunky dunking in the hot tub at midnight one of the nights during the immersion and she will not prevent others from doing so as well.

Image by Peter Pryharski

Laura Troyer

Guest Yoga Teacher


Erin Lindblom

Guest Teacher, NLMM

The Non Linear Movement Method


Annette Raetz

Guest Massage Therapist

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