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Let Your Body Take The Shape Of You


2 Day Private Immersive

Claim and wildly express who you are as a woman:
Spiritual, Sovereign, Soulful, and Sexual.

I know your secret longing...

You want to desire sex in a way you haven't before. You want to be able to awaken and arouse your body when your partner initiates sex. You crave that experience of being open and receptive, and responsive. You want to trust your body fully to open up into her wildly alive, sexually erotic self without feeling like you'll destroy something if you don't play it safe.

You want to speak up in the moment when something doesn't feel good, to be able to ask for what you want and share your intimate desires with your partner.

You desire to feel free and embrace the intertwining of your sexual and spiritual selves. You don't seek sex for sex, or mere objectification. You want ecstatic surrender, and orgasmic bliss sandwiched between intimacy and hot arousal.

You crave the ability to wet your own thighs, and crack yourself open to God, you want to understand what it means to truly seduce yourself -- without erotic novels, imaginary fantasies, sex toys, and CBD lube. (no shame here, but we both know you're longing for more intimacy and arousal from within your bare body.)

The Answer Is

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

"Since our session I've initiated sex three times... I feel really free and unblocked. I literally feel like my sexuality was unchained and now I can just be in the moment with whatever desires come. I didn't realize how much baggage emotionally and spiritually I was bringing into every sexual moment.

I feel so much lighter."

-- anonymouS, PRIVATE 1:1 CLIENT

Designed Specifically for the woman who...

  • Desires to surrender deeply, to experience being deeply seen and known, and your heart felt.

  • Yearns for the freedom you see other women expressing in and through their sexuality, and longs for more acceptance of your body exactly the way she is now.

  • Wants to deeply KNOW that your sexuality is to be trusted, and is sacred. The idea of holy eroticism and deeply spiritual sensuality are a turn on.

  • Loves the idea of belonging to yourself and for your pleasure to be for YOU first and foremost, and is determined to do this for yourself, and change the narrative.

  • Your sexuality is truly sacred to you, and you aren't looking for just another way to get good at rubbing genitals together. You want intimacy and sexual vibrancy as well as hot eroticism.

  • You have difficulty getting out of your head and into your body when you're experiencing pleasure or making love. You want to experience sexual oneness, and you long to be FELT.

  • You are so "over" trading safety for passion. You're ready for BOTH.

  • You perhaps have had sexual aliveness in the past, but you're experiencing a block and a disconnect that you haven't been able to get through on your own. Or perhaps sex with your partner is great, but you don't feel like you have a personal relationship with self intimacy and pleasure. There is another layer waiting for you to reclaim and discover on your own, so that you can bring more of yourself and self belonging to your partnership.


this 2 day private immersion

will bring you something for nearly every facet of the journey from heart to yoni, to embolden you, encourage you, to challenge you, to support you, and to help bring healing and full range of expression to your sexuality and sensual feminine wholeness through deep embodiment work, and de-armoring.


We are going to shed performative sexual conditioning, and take the armor off of your pleasure body. We will unwind the ways you have conformed and played a role not meant for you in the bedroom, and we will practice taking the shape of your authentic sexual flavors

and expressions.

The Invitation...

This is where the spiritual and the sexual merge.

I'm inviting you to drop from your head into your yoni.

It's time to quit trying to figure this sexual embodiment thing out on your own, from a place of logical analysis of the situation. You know something isn't right, and it's time for you to get the support you need for you to drop deeply within and finally experience what it means to know that your sexuality belongs to YOU.

I'm inviting you into the mystery of the female body and anatomy, from a place of intimacy, and yes -- sensuality.

You'll be able to throw away your lube, you won't need to force yourself to quit thinking about your day while he's disrobing you, and you won't cry yourself to sleep after he rolls over. You'll feel sovereign within your sexuality in such a way that it rocks your world, and your hips.

God didn't give you 8,000 nerve endings for nothing.

I believe you were designed and created for endless pleasure, multiple orgasms, and full body ecstasy.


Come, darling.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 3.05.10 PM.png

"Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power."

-- Felicita, India


we spend two days and two nights together in a private luxury space to devote ourselves
to your sexual embodiment.


through embodiment practices, expert coaching, somatic de-armoring, and (optional) sexological bodywork, we will disarm your pleasure body, and enliven your sensual and sexual nature


during our opening zoom conference call we will schedule our retreat, but you get to begin at-home "foreplay" and experience more erotic aliveness in your body as soon as you register.

Image by Andrew Kliatskyi

What To Expect

We will meet over zoom to open the container, and you'll get a taste of what you will be learning during your 2 day intensive. We will schedule our retreat and you'll be given access to the "foreplay" for you to begin at home and start working through, leading up to your in-person immersion.

You'll receive access to your online portal with audios, videos, PDFs, or other supplements for you to begin diving into. This is the "coursework" aspect but it's not information heavy. You'll need to devote yourself to making time for your foreplay and going through the exercises. You will begin to notice results and experience a shift in your pleasure body.

Our two day, two night retreat takes place in luxurious accommodations, chosen specifically to enliven your senses. We will spend the first day together in embodied practice, soul to soul conversation and mentorship, and in deep relaxation of your woman. You'll feel the armor starting to melt away, and find yourself connecting more deeply to your senses. We will go at the pace of your woman, and allow your sensual nature to unfold naturally as arousal awakens within your soul. This day can include tantric massage, de-armoring, and/or sexological bodywork to support your sexual enlivening process.

The second day of the retreat will be spent in ecstasy and bliss, as your nervous system expands to allow more pleasure to course through your body. You may experience a variety of emotions as you plumb the depths of your untapped well of erotic pleasure, and you will receive embodied practices and nervous system regulation to help you expand as wide as your bliss body desires. You will find yourself reclaiming ownership of your body, your desires, your voice, and your sex. And you will have tools to take home with you to continue your reclamation journey.

You will have Telegram access to Amanda for two weeks after our in-person intensive as you integrate and adjust to life at home within your freshly awakened pleasure body, and we will close with a final integration call, ensuring you have an erotic strategy that can support you as you move forward in your journey of sexual embodiment. Any last supplements will be made available through your online portal.




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Pick your vibe, and our retreat will be booked and crafted for your ultimate erotic aliveness. Details will be discussed with you during our first zoom conference call together.


"Working with Amanda has changed the way I see my sexuality. I have been able to explore my softness and what brings me pleasure. I’ve been able to embrace more of who I am and release shame. She is so in tune and has a way of bringing you to a deep, beautiful place within yourself so quickly!"

-- Julia, USA

Invest In Your Sexual Aliveness

Early Bird

The first 3 women to claim their spot receive

$500 off. Get on the waitlist now, and if you are one of the first three women approved you will receive a $500 discount.

Pay In Full



3 Payments

3 monthly payments of $1,000


"The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling."

Audre Lorde

Meet Me

Hello, I'm Amanda

Embodied Feminine Leadership & Dearmoring Mentor

I create energetically charged spaces that usher women towards a deeper state of connection to their sexuality and wombspace, while eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit. Helping women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline.

I am here for the wild ones.

Let's birth a new legacy together.

We are going to shed performative sexual conditioning, and take the armor off of your pleasure body. We will unwind the ways you have conformed and played a role not meant for you in the bedroom,

and we will practice taking the shape of your authentic

sexual flavors and expressions.


"Her kindness put me at ease immediately. It made me comfortable opening up and sharing something that only a few of my closest loved ones knew about. I felt more seen and heard than ever before."

-- Alura, USA


Are there refunds or can I cancel payments? No refunds are issued due to the nature of the work. If I felt that you would not see life changing results from out time together, I would not accept you as a client.

Are food and accomodations included with the retreat? Your retreat includes accomodations (two days and two nights) and two brunches together. If you would like to share meals together, this is something we can arrange over our preliminary call.

How do I know if this is within my range? If you’re not comfortable with words such as cock, penis, vagina, vulva, and other anatomical words, obliterate, ravish, penetrate, orgasm, climax, God, Goddess, then this may be out of your range for the time being. This is not meant for those recovering from sexual trauma or betrayal trauma without prior coaching or therapy. You will need to have at least a foundational grasp on boundaries, although we will be exploring strengthening healthy boundaries during our time together. If you are not at all open to sexological bodywork, or to vaginal de-armoring, this offering is likely not for you at this time. This is for the woman who is ready to GO THERE and unlock more depths of pleasure from within, and she has already worked through some basic layers of shame around her sexuality. If you feel you are ready for more, but don't think this offer is for you, please consider joining Wombspace The Membership, attending one of my retreats, or email me and ask me what offer I believe would be the most supportive for you for where you are right now. You're so worthy of experiencing the pleasure you know is yours by birthright.

Do I need to be in a committed relationship? Absolutely not. Sexual reclamation is for any woman. Single, Married, Actively Divorcing, Divorced, Remarried, Widowed, in a "Situationship"...regardless of your relationship status, this will absolutely change your life and have lasting impacts on who you are as a sexual and spiritual woman.

Will we have sex/are you a sex worker? Firm no. I do not have sex with clients. If you are looking for a sex worker, my work is not for you. What I offer is both vaginal de-armoring which involves touching of the genitals in a therapeutic setting, and sexological bodywork which is similar but involves sensuality for the sake of deep sexual healing. We do not have sex, and this is not a recipricol offering.

What are the prerequisites? To book a Sexual Embodiment Immersion with me, you will need to have already attended one of my WombTerrain immersive workshops, or have already worked with me in some other fashion, such as my other programs, 1:1 work, or in-person retreats. This ensures we are a good match for this high level of intimate work together. If you attend WombTerrain specifically to qualify for this immersion, you will be offered a discount at the price of the cost for WombTerrain.

What will the practices entail? Practices may include but are not limited to: - Somatic Movement - Breathwork - Trauma Release and Vagal Tone Exercises - Vaginal De-Armoring - Body De-Armoring - Guided Meditations - Masculine/Feminine Energy Work - Feminine Archetypal Embodiment - Herbal Support for the modern feminine - Sexological Bodywork and more…

Have you tried...

Sex toys, lube, how-to-orgasm classes, books on sex and sexual trauma, therapy, counseling, new lingerie, reading erotica like your life depended on it, forcing yourself out of obligation, complaining of constant headaches, giving hand jobs and quickies to "get it over with" in a hurry, masturbation, watching porn, trying kinky things out of your wheelhouse, stretching yourself past your comfort zone, avoiding sex altogether, laying in bed waiting for him to touch you and initiate, talking to girlfriends, crying yourself to sleep, watching Magic Mike after midnight, eating ice cream, working out religiously, dieting and trying to become "sexy," reading magazine write-ins and answers, scrolling through Tik Tok and social media for inspiration, saving every single post on social media about sex and pleasure, downloading and attending all the freebies, asking your hairdresser, waxologist, or gynecologist for tips...

It's time to fast track your sexual healing and prioritize your pleasure.

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