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Returning to the ancient blueprint of 13 sign astrology, the feminine orientation to time and the cosmos.

The cervix, the cosmos, the dark feminine...all this and more in this live class.

"My experience was so beautiful and amazing! I loved every waking second of it. It rattled my entire being, something I feel deeply connected to in many ways that I can't even find words to explain it. It just is! So many synchronicities...a homecoming I've been waiting for my entire life because this is the truest wisdom I have ever felt!"

-- Amber M., live attendee 2023

The time has come.

This is both the response to an ancient prayer and brand new song being sung.

This is a call to return to the 13, as woven through the tapestry of the universe.

This is the song of a 13 orientation to time. A reverent, authentic connection to true cycles that guide and shape our lives.

13 is a loom that weaves the universe together. The threads of which can be found on the back of a turtle shell, in the lining of your uterus, or in the sky above.

13 moons. 13 constellations. 13 menstruations.

In this class you will learn how to map the cosmos onto your female body, how to go directly to the source of our astrological direction, the sky, for insight on what is taking shape within our universe, and you will be taken on a journey of unraveling western patriarchal astrology (also called tropical astrology) and learn the true nature of the 13 constellations that rule our lunar system.

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Image by NASA

I was a certified medical astrologer before I was made aware of the full truth of 13.

For me, embracing truth was an instant pivot away from indoctrinations and imaginary transits not reflected by the night sky above. For some us, we may find that we have been holding more tightly to our orientation to the cosmos than we may have realized. Perhaps we have invested time, money, and our reputations on being adept astrologers well-versed in tropical astrology.

It may feel incredibly humbling to learn the truth, and to release old ways of interpreting the cosmos, and of the ways we have related to our own natal charts.

I want to invite you into an awakening, a humbling, a returning, a remembering, a sacred rebellion against invented constructs designed to keep us disconnected from the earth, the cosmos, our intuition, and our bodies.

Your curiosity and your desire for truth will lead you home. Cassidy and I seek to only help light the way by raising our torches into the night and illuminating the path.

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Cassidy Lee Bell

Teacher of 13 moon astrology, craniosacral therapist, bodywork, breathwork facilitator.

Her work is to bring women home to their matriarchal authority, embodied discernment, feminine intuition, and deep connection to Mother Earth. Cassidy teaches internationally about 13 moon astrology, and works 1:1 with hundreds of women to support them in reconnecting to their innate power and authentic cosmological blueprint. Cassidy teaches a 13 moon, sacred feminine orientation to time, the cosmos, and our bodies.

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Astronomically accurate astrology, is the only astrology there is. Anything else is a distraction to occlude our ability to tap into our womb wisdom, our intuition, and live rooted in our bodies from a 13 moon orientation. Let's return sisters, to a womb centric cosmology.

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The initial webinar is 1 hour and 22 minutes in length.

Includes teaching & Q&A with Cassidy.

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