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I'm Amanda

Hello Darling,

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Intuitive Feminine Alchemist; Embodiment, Pleasure, and Womb Mentor; Medicine Woman

I create energetically charged spaces that usher women towards a deeper state of connection to their sexuality and wombspace, while eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit. Helping women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline.

Image by Steve Johnson

Are You Ready to Remember Yourself?

This virtual space is a sanctuary for your soul where you will find direction back to your feminine radiance, self-sovereignty, sacred sexuality, and inner high priestess. Soft, sensual, powerful, radiant, sexually vibrant, strong, confident, and taking up space. All of this is yours, and always accessible. And not just in the moments of aligned bliss. In the moments that truly matter, when you're facing failure, when you're faced with a life changing decision, when you're tempted to hold back your shine and dim your spark, when you feel that the fullness of who you are isn't welcome or embraced.

I'm here to help you shift away from striving, performing, hustling, running on emotional auto-pilot and towards spaciousness, ease, calm, and reverence. Supporting you to create a meaningful life of ritual, dance, integrated wholeness and deep worthiness.

To inspire you to reclaim your birthright to pleasure, confidence and power. To find wonder in your beauty and unique expression of self. To provoke you to joy even in the midst of crappy situations, reminding you that it doesn't have to suck to be healing.

Soft, sensual, powerful, radiant, strong, confident, and taking up space.

All of this is yours. And the key is within you.

I am a soulful woman, yet a wild one.

With Love,

The Queen of The Outsiders


My Story

In speaking with other young women my age, I found that all the women in my community shared similar experiences either in thinking their body was broken, or in experiencing sexual shame, or in lack of arousal and orgasm during sex, or at least body image issues that interfered with their sex lives.

And none of the women in my life had anatomically correct knowledge of their own reproductive anatomy, much less their pleasure body.

Among my peers it was considered normal for a long woman to not experience an orgasm until after the first YEAR of sex and I was encouraged to be patient as it would happen eventually. To expect to experience orgasms during my first several months of being sexually active was considered to be unrealistic.

Most of the women I went to for advice were trying to rewrite their own stories and heal their own sexuality, and didn't have adequate resources or answers.

I was unable to have penetrative sex without pain that would cause me to dissociate, and I didn't know who to trust to talk with about it.

I was a prime candidate for sexual abuse, and when I began experiencing sexual abuse, I didn't recognize it for what it was because I believed so deeply in my own brokenness and inadequacy. I thought it was normal, and that it was because I wasn't "adventurous" or "kinky" enough. I was desperate to feel whole, to feel pleasing and desirable, and I pushed my limits farther than my body or heart wanted, subjecting myself to further harm.

During my adolescence and early twenties, I carried massive loads of trauma due to experiencing and being exposed to abuse as a child, and getting sucked into a religious cult in my teens. My adolescent experiences in a third world country and in the religious cult sun the narrative that women were not to be trusted, especially with men or in relationships. A woman's body was dangerous at best and property at worst. The heart was deceitful, and discernment was logical and analytical.

I threw myself into work and competitive sports that required that I build up mental fortitude and physical strength as as way to armour my heart and body, and shield myself. I worked as an interpreter and was constantly in my head going back and forth from language to language. It became increasingly difficult for me to express or access my emotions, and I was cut off from feminine energy, almost entirely. I would stand in the shower for long periods of time with cold water hitting my face, in hopes I could access some emotion and cry.

In my early 20's I understood the foundations and inner-workings of the wombspace, the technical side of hormones and body parts due to my midwifery studies at 19. But I lacked a full knowledge of the true anatomy of the female pelvis, and the knowledge of the sacred, the holy, and the cyclic of a woman's nature.

I was clueless when it came to the anatomy of a women's pleasure, or my own pleasure body.

My earliest sexual experiences were filled with extreme pain, and shame. I had never heard of vaginismus, and didn't know that there was a psychological root to the physical symptoms and pain I was experiencing I thought that my sexual body was broken.

The type of lover I attracted was the avoidant man. This mirrored what I had received in childhood from my parents and fit my love blueprint perfectly. Like my friend Sophie said recently, "the avoidant man hurt real good."

I would find myself either counting ceiling tiles and praying for it to finish in the victim role, taking the blame for any dysfunction I experienced in relationship and putting it on the shoulders of my "daddy wounds" in the villain role, or saving the day in the "heroine" role soothing and mothering a man through ED. On the outside, I looked happy. On the inside, what was left of my wild animal woman was slowly suffocating.

My life journey has led me through much deep healing. My first introduction to somatic trauma healing was through pleasure, orgasms and dearmouring my cervix. As my cervix was stroked, I would suddenly be overcome by overwhelming floods of weeping, screaming, and cathartic release. I became a multi-orgasmic woman, experiencing Amrita Orgasms, and moving trauma out of my body through orgasms, before I had ever heard that any of these were possible. There weren't resources available to me at the time like there are today, and I carved my own way for years learning from and through my body. And from extensive research, and a hunger for more healing, more growth, and more knowledge. Truly, I am my own best case study.


When I began to fully reclaim my body, my womb, and my pleasure as my own, I began to experience more healing than years of head and heart centered healing modalities had given me.

My passion is to share what I have learned and what I have healed with other women. Now, I have an international clientele, and I bring my core values of ease, presence, eros, and embodiment to my work as I continue to deepen my own personal practice.

I am in devotion to the womb, and to womb-led feminine leaders around the world. I guide women back to their inner authority, their soma (home), their womb wisdom, and re-baptize them in their own eros. I help eradicate generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit: forging new and radical legacies.

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"I love Amanda and her energy. She's so genuine. I felt it was time for us to work together and I'm so glad we did. She's genuine, down to earth, loving and kind. She will help you access parts of yourself that you didn't know you could. Show up prepared to heal and meet yourself fully.

I love how sacred and safe I felt with her. I felt such calming energy from Amanda and felt safe to show up for myself. I love the way she is able to hold space for me and guide me, as though I was physically in the room with her. I'm so grateful and appreciative of our time together."

-- Kelsi; Writer, Advocate, Photographer

Image by Elena Joland

Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Embodiment Mentor,

Pleasure and Womb Coach

Amanda is a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Certified Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Healing Hands Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Trained Doula. She is also working to become an RLT Method™ certified therapy practitioner.


Therapists, tantrikas, coaches, mothers, CEOs, sex & sensuality coaches, retreat leaders and creators, fathers, artists, financial advisors, musicians, doulas, pastors, serial entrepreneurs, worship leaders, graphic designers, midwives, massage therapists, radio hosts, estheticians, business owners, yoga instructors, photographers, and people from all walks of life are the people who hire Amanda.

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