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The 13 Month Membership

with Amanda Rose

The world today calls for you to be fully self expressed, to follow your heart and own your calling like a modern day Joan of Arc. Feminine power and softness both are being called upon more than ever in the world we're in today, and a connection to your deep inner knowing and wisdom.

You've had enough spaces in your life where people have told you who to be and how, or simply given you a new set of rules to follow,

or boxes to contort into.

It's time to let your true self howl, and unleash yourself from the doghouse of canned spirituality, and cookie cutter feminism.

Do any of these resonate with you?

You've been working on connecting to your feminine, and rediscovering yourself. At your core, you seek freedom and to lead the way as an example for your children of what a bold life can look like.

You crave more freedom, more authenticity, to be living your dreams of helping others be more embodied. You crave more beauty, more poetry, more aliveness, more fluidity, and a deeper relationship to yourself deepest, most expressed self. 

You want to feel safe in your body on a visceral bones-deep level. You are tired of numbing, and avoiding to cope with big emotions that you perceived were not safe to feel (draw too much attention, be too dramatic, seen as weak, etc.)

You lived in a stuff-it-down mode for most of your life. You felt in control: calm, cool, and respected. BUT you also couldn’t experience lasting joy or deep pleasure in your body. You could feel it on the surface, but that's no longer cutting it for you as your are expanding into thriving. You're ready to feel it ALL.

Untitled design.jpg

You find yourself swirling in your emotions without a safe container within you, so you look to friends/your husband/your outside circumstances to be your container rather than connecting to the earth or the Source of your true grounding.


You've probably tried:

Pretending everything’s fine. Trying to fit the mold. Being yourself only when others accept you.

The traditional routes for a spiritual woman on this wholeness and becoming journey.

Reading allllllll the books, listening to podcasts, and bingeing Instagram and TikTok content.

Relationships with emotionally unavailable men. Meh.

The "hoe" phase and being sexual in ways that didn't feel embodied or in alignment with your core desires and integrity.

Avoidance, fake-it-til-you-make-it, ignoring things when they come up, or pushing them away with affirmations and "high vibes."

I created Wombspace
for women just like

Guess what, Darling!

Wombspace is a one-of-a-kind membership container for women who are ready for their next level, their next unfolding, and who desire more range in expressing the feminine through their bodies and in their lives. 

Embodied practices and somatic experiences ensure you aren't simply consuming more content, and group calls with me ensure you are lavishly supported through the process.


Imagine what could happen if you truly let yourself go into this wildness?

Being in touch with your feminine side, but standing firm in your power.

Losing your inhibitions, and living life the way you desire without worrying about what someone else thinks about you.

Being able to stick with your growth edge without resisting.

Being connected to your wisdom, love, authority, and power.

Clearing all the trauma from your wombspace

Feeling safe in your body to the point you're able to be unapologetic about it and honor your "yes" AND your "no" without feeling pressured to please others.

No longer being held back by past narratives about the role of

woman's sexuality and sexual energy.

No longer grabbing to control, but trusting the universe and God to provide and hold you.

No longer going against your inner voice.

Knowing on a cellular level that you're worthy and valuable,

no longer just from a headspace.

Mmmm...and deeply trusting yourself.



"I got to meet myself on such a deep and intimate level. I learned to love myself in new ways. I opened back up and in doing so, my relationship with my partner is also thriving."

"I found through you, that there is so much power in softness. Typically, I have felt like I have to be strong and do it on my own. or I am the one who is leading. But I learned that it's okay to be soft, vulnerable, held, heard, validated, and supported. I also felt like this program stood out from anything else I've done because it was experimental. hands-on. Life now is amazing. I know how to hold myself and create safety within myself;

self regulation."

Sarahly Avilez, Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM 

Write these down on paper, seal it with wax,
kiss it goodbye, and burn it in the fire:

  • No longer experience massive self doubt

  • No longer run on emotional autopilot

  • No more being held back by fear of failure or rejection

  • No longer go against your inner wisdom

  • No longer cater to feelings of inadequacy

  • No longer feel attracted to emotionally unavailable men

  • No more fixing, and striving to catch up to your "higher" self

  • No more cutting yourself off at the lady balls

  • No more denying your wild and your feminine ferocity

  • No more living tamed and domesticated, unable to allow expression and pleasure to flow through your veins

  • No more bending to the insecurities and judgements of others

  • No more fear of being witnessed and SEEN

I lived so many years in a state of disconnect.


From the outside looking in, my life looked like the "American Dream" so many women strive for. One I never thought I'd be living.

I worked as a sales consultant in a bridal boutique in Baltimore, Maryland. I traveled and worked as an interpreter.

I married the worship leader all the girls drooled over. We were constantly at the church or involved in church activities.

I attended a health club, and drank daily green smoothies.

I was low-key obsessed with being a "fit girl" and tried ridiculous "look good naked" diets.

I had access to John's Hopkins medical team whenever I had something come up for me with my health.

I drove next years model car right off the lot, with the heated leather seats and all the trimmings.

I cleaned my toilet bowls every single day.

I cooked homemade Gluten-Free and Keto Diet meals.

I was the "support" and "rock" for my family.

I taught myself how to give my husband a strip tease.

I was available for sex anytime, anywhere and we were often late to appointments due to this, but I never complained...despite the fact that I was not having orgasms.


I was trying so hard to be good.


Sacrificing myself and my most basic needs for someone else's benefit was something I was well-versed in. I always gave more than was expected, over-delivering, taking care of everyone else's needs before my own. I thought that giving at my own expense was selfless and a model example of "being Jesus." Deep inside, I was scared that there was something wrong with me. As if I were wearing a sign on my back that everyone else could read, "Broken" but I couldn't see it, I could only fear it was there.

I lived disconnected from my feminine body, and my pleasure. Despite learning to be sexual, I was NOT sensual. I couldn't connect to my senses deeply and struggled to engage sexually unless I was dissociated. I eventually taught myself to get turned on by my husbands turn on alone, but it wasn't enough to experience pleasure inside of my body in a deep way or experience orgasm.


I had no idea that in being a "model wife" I was actually living from my wounded masculine. I had no idea that I was slowly dying inside.

Eventually, everything unraveled.

My marriage crumbled.

My body went into collapse. Hypothyroidism, ovarian failure and hormone issues galore, ongoing acne breakouts, swinging from no periods to unbearable periods, adrenal "burnout" and PTSD crippling me...

The community around me had no resources for me that could TRULY get to the root issues and traumas that were burdening me, and bring lasting healing and freedom.

I needed a community that wasn't just loving, but was truly supportive, and had access to resources for my healing, transformation and growth.

These are the resources, the tools, and the practices I was searching for.


My search for support initially led me into neuroscience, herbalism, aromatherapy, studying the effects of trauma on the brain, and the impact of stress on the female body.

From there, it grew to researching sexuality, female pleasure, polarity, tantra, female anatomy, and somatic trauma resolution.

I became a new woman. I reconnected to my body, and to my wild feminine expression.

My journey, and the resources I found along the way, are what inspired me to create Wombspace.

I originally designed it as a group mentorship container, available to only a few hand-selected women.

Now, it's an intimate 13-month membership space that you can join for the price of just one cup of coffee per day.



  • I LOVE being a woman.

  • I feel sexier, and love my body more than ever no matter how I look on any given day despite the changes my body has undergone and the weight I've put on and lost, the stretch marks I've gained and scars I wear.

  • I have rewilded, softened, and I feel more internally safe, and alive.

  • I trust that women have my back, and are trust-worthy.

  • I no longer allow men to disrespect me or dress me down.

  • I know that pleasure is my birthright and I take advantage of it every day.

  • I revel in my “muchness” and know that the untethered feminine nourishes the masculine.

  • I am secure in my boundaries, and know that they are not for *them* but that my boundaries are for ME.

  • I found the confidence to start my dream career and no longer relegate myself to being a wallflower.

  • When someone gives me a compliment, I fully receive it.

  • I no longer feel broken or see myself as an ongoing project, or something to be “fixed” because I honor BOTH my humanity and my Divinity.

  • I no longer need others to accept me and tell me I’m smart, pretty, or a success — I validate myself.

  • I honor my full-body, yoni-pulsing “Yes!” and my firm, womb-reverberating “No.”

  • I no longer need to prove my worth by accomplishing a certain number of tasks in a day.

  • I honor myself and my body’s needs above the needs of my business.

  • I am embodied and connected to my wombspace, and my emotions.

  • I know how to have mind-blowing orgasms, with or WITHOUT a man

Are you ready to Meet yourself fully?

Image by BASHAER 🌟

What's Included

  • Monthly Live video conference calls with Amanda 

    • feminine embodiment, teaching, and somatic practices​

    • live Q&As

    • meditations and visualizations, ceremonies and rituals

  • Virtual group portal where I will upload all meditations, practices, supplements, replays, etc.

  • Virtual membership space

    • A Private group of loving, supportive women on this journey with you to co-create the most beautiful experience. (we will not be using Facebook. you will be able to disconnect from social media as you feel led without needing to abandon the group or disconnect from sisterhood support.)

  • Private Group Chat & Channel

    • private Telegram channel where I post updates, announcements, and connect with you​

    • private chat group where you can share your personal wins with your sisters, connect, ask for support from your fellow wild women

  • Guest speakers/teachers, and access to webinars and workshops hosted throughout the year with other feminine leaders.

  • FREE access to upcoming workshops and mini programs

    • all upcoming mini programs and workshops are included in your membership​ (some exclusions apply)

  • Ever-growing library of resources:

    • FREE workshops, E-Books, virtual retreats, breathwork sequences, meditations, ceremonies, rituals, exclusive blog posts, and more!

  • Monthly WombTerrain Class

    • Wombterrain™ is the experiential virtual immersion designed for you to reclaim your inner terrain.

    • Physical and esoteric anatomy, wombspace & yoni mapping, and de-armoring workshop.

    • A group womb and yoni healing experience every single month.

Image by Milad Fakurian


  • Your questions answered in podcast interviews and episodes!

  • Early access to retreats, events, and programs

  • Exclusive membership discounts & sales

Untitled design-36.png
Image by Hannes Egler

This virtual space is a sanctuary for your soul where you will find direction back to your feminine radiance, self-sovereignty, sacred sexuality, and inner high priestess.


Soft, sensual, powerful, radiant, sexually vibrant, strong, confident, and taking up space. All of this is yours, and always accessible. And not just in the moments of aligned bliss. In the moments that truly matter, when you're facing failure, when you're faced with a life changing decision, when you're tempted to hold back your shine and dim your spark, when you feel that the fullness of who you are  isn't welcome or embraced.

The  journey is woven to help you ignite your unique feminine flavor as a woman. We will tap into more of your "authentic" expression and explore the different flavors of humanity and femininity within you from an embodied place.


Are you ready to meet yourself as the wild, embodied woman you truly are?

Copy of retreat announcement-2.png
Image by Dayna Lepp

For the woman who wants to....

To create such a stronghold of safety in her body that self expression becomes natural instead of "too much."

To integrate trauma, alchemize shame, and create capacity in her body for pleasure and abundance.

To discern the gifts that her shadow self has to offer her, and learn how to leverage her inner "bad girl" for greater alchemy and spiritual growth.

To rewrite religious programming that keeps her playing small, mistrusting of herself and her deep inner wisdom; she wants to learn to ask for what she wants, AND receive it.

To play with Feminine and Masculine energetics within herself -- and how to create structure in her life that supports her wild feminine flow.

To identify her specific flavor of sexuality, learn how to communicate with and through her body, and honor her feminine seasons.

Heal body shame, and see herself through the soft lens of self acceptance. She longs to see herself with new eyes, and learn to delight in her unique beauty.

Learn the basics of feminine receivership and surrender, and how to open as Love to receive and embody her desire as a spiritual woman connected to God AND herself.

Address and heal mother and father woundings, rebirth her sovereign self. To rewrite old narratives with her own creative voice.

To re-establish a sense of innocence in her bones, replacing the chase for healing with the embodiment of her wholeness.

Love her body for who she is, how she is, where she is, and what she is feeling. She wants to walk from a place of self acceptance and confidence.

Unleash her inner wild woman once and for all, take up space and loosen her gills, open her throat, activate her voice, and roar.


Take a peek at some of the content:

Image by Malvestida

Sacred Orgasm | Pleasure as a Spiritual Practice

Image by Vishal Banik


This is a 13 month membership.

13 Monthly Payments Of:

$250.00 USD

$8.22 USD/day (price of a large latte)

Pay In Full:


save $750

$2,500 USD

$6.32 USD/day (price of a small latte)

Your purchase gives you access to December's WombTerrain Experience, and workshops/webinars, and access to the membership content begins January 1st 2024 when doors open. Your membership ends February 1st, 2025.


Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available. If you are unsure this is for you, please reach out and chat with Amanda on her socials, or email:


You are the one you have been waiting for


Amanda Rose

Not your average tantrika.

Founder of The Soulful Apothecary, CEO of Wholeness Mirroring, Breathwork and Meditation Instructor, Feminine Wholeness Method Practitioner, Womb healing facilitator, Tantrika, Rewilded Birth Birthkeeper, Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist, Certified Soma MysticaPractitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner

Image by Thomas Verbruggen

I want to draw you into claiming your desires to:

  • live a life of permission. (hear yourself wishing you had permission to ....?)

  • be an expressive, va-va-voom radiant woman with that hint of fire, mystery and intrigue you secretly wished you possessed (think of icons like Grace Kelly, Candace Owens, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren...dang.)

  • I want to draw you into venturing into deeper relationship and intimacy with yourself.

  • Into owning your power, and inhabiting your voice.

  • No more denying your wild, and your feminine ferocity.

  • No more living tamed and domesticated. Instead: Confidence in your calling and creative gifts. Knowing intuitively when to dig in your heels and push through, and when to rest and receive.

  • Being able to play between the tensions of warrioress and priestess.

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