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with Amanda Rose

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For the woman seeking deeper intimacy within her wild feminine soul, to her womb wisdom, and in her relationships.


not every woman has embodied it.

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YOU desire to embrace your raw, authentic power and the true, full spectrum of your feminine essence.

I went from being a self-sabotaging, people-pleasing, unfulfilled "good girl" to an embodied woman who lives from her ethos of truth and grace. Navigating dramatic life shifts (including 5x-ing my income in 30 days, obtaining a stage IV cancer diagnosis) with trust, softness, tenacity, and impact has become NORMAL for me.


Fully inhabiting my pelvis and embodying my wombspace, trusting her softness and power to use it to guide my life. Consistently embodying and practicing both honesty and self trust, and learning to speak the truth with love and compassion, without wavering on conviction.

You're not a cookie cutter stereotype of femininity. You are a many-splendored woman with an equally soft and wild spirit coursing through her veins. You aren't afraid to risk it all in the name of Love.

It's time to learn to listen to the sacred whispers of your Wombspace (regardless of whether you still have a physical womb or not) honor its wisdom, and cultivate a deep sense of connection with your body and soul. It's time to embrace this path of activation, and uncover the facets of who you are as a woman that have been neglected, or domesticated.

This is a call to remembrance. A returning.

An un-learning. An un-becoming.

A dissolution of all of the women they told you to be.


You are rising up to claim yourself, and to bring the embodiment of the full spectrum of womanhood into life through you as a woman who has integrated her Divine Feminine and Masculine essences.

Who you are at your core:

You are in touch with your nurturing side, and stand firm in your power.

You lose your inhibitions, and live life according to your desires.

You stick with your growth edge without resisting, and know when to come back into rest.

You feel safe in your body to the point you're able to be unapologetic about it.

You honor your "yes" AND your "no," without allowing the imposition of other's wills upon you.

You are not held back by past narratives about the role of woman's sexuality and sexual energy.

You don't grab to control, but trust the universe and God to provide and hold you.

You don't violate your inner voice and womb wisdom.

You know on a cellular level that you're worthy and valuable, not just from a headspace.

Mmmm...and you deeply trust yourself.

As an embodied, womb-led woman.

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Your Wombspace Membership is more than a library of teachings, tools, and resources.


It begins with cultivating a healthy sense of who our Inner Maiden is. In order to truly flourish as women, we need to identify the survival strategies of our adaptive inner child -- our "Wounded Maiden" -- and exchange those for strategies for thriving and intimacy.


In healthy Maiden we establish our true sense of self, our self belonging, self love, self esteem...all of this is the necessary first step before we can move into healthy and loving self sacrifice which is the gift of The Inner Mother. As we step into the Mother archetype, we are called to build deeper self trust, so that we can effectively learn how to dissolve boundaries when needed without becoming codependent.


And our growth as women doesn't stop with The Inner Mother, there is so much more for us to explore and expand into. Our Eros, our sexuality, our sensual aliveness, our Wild Woman, our relationship to men...all of these are available to us after we have completed the work required to heal our Inner Wounded Maiden. And we will explore it all.


All of this begins with our Wombspace, Yoni, and Heart.



"I got to meet myself on such a deep and intimate level. I learned to love myself in new ways. I opened back up and in doing so, my relationship with my partner is also thriving."

"I found through you, that there is so much power in softness. Typically, I have felt like I have to be strong and do it on my own. or I am the one who is leading. But I learned that it's okay to be soft, vulnerable, held, heard, validated, and supported. I also felt like this program stood out from anything else I've done because it was experimental. hands-on. Life now is amazing. I know how to hold myself and create safety within myself;

self regulation."

Sarahly Avilez, Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM 

Image by Jess Zoerb

What's Included

  • Monthly Live video conference calls with Amanda 

    • feminine embodiment, teaching, and somatic practices​

    • live Q&As

    • meditations and visualizations, ceremonies and rituals

  • Virtual group portal where I will upload all meditations, practices, supplements, replays, etc.

  • Virtual membership space

    • A Private group of loving, supportive women on this journey with you to co-create the most beautiful experience. (not on Facebook. you will be able to disconnect from social media as you feel led without needing to abandon the group or disconnect from sisterhood support.)

  • Private Group Chat & Channel

    • private Telegram channel where I post updates, announcements, and connect with you​

    • private chat group where you can share your personal wins with your sisters, connect, ask for support from your fellow wild women

  • Guest speakers/teachers, and access to webinars and workshops hosted throughout the year with other feminine leaders.

  • FREE and EARLY ACCESS to upcoming podcasts, workshops, and mini programs

    • all upcoming mini programs and workshops are included in your membership​ (some exclusions apply)

  • Ever-growing library of resources:

    • FREE workshops, E-Books, virtual retreats, breathwork sequences, meditations, ceremonies, rituals, exclusive blog posts, and more!

  • Monthly WombTerrain & Erotic Meditation Practice Class

    • Wombterrain™ is a yoni mapping and de-armoring practice class

    • Erotic Meditation™ is practice class designed to create deeper capacity in your soma and energy field for sensation

    • A group womb and yoni healing experience every single month

Image by Mike Hindle


This is a 13 month membership.

13 Monthly Payments Of:

$250.00 USD

$8.22 USD/day (price of a large latte)

Pay In Full:


save $750

$2,500 USD

$6.32 USD/day (price of a small latte)

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available. If you are unsure this is for you, please reach out and chat with Amanda on her socials, or email:


You are the one you have been waiting for

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Amanda Rose

​Intuitive Feminine Alchemist, Embodiment Mentor,

Pleasure and Womb Coach

Amanda is a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner (completes March 2024), Certified Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Healing Hands Energy Healing Practitioner, Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner, Certified The Self Holding Method Practitioner, and Orgasmic Birth Trained Doula.

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