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For The Feminine Alchemist

These sessions are a slow, experiential, ceremonial, and ritual approach to energetic and somatic womb & yoni work.

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It’s time to come home not just to the body, not just to the earth, but to WOMB.


There is a shift that’s happening.

There is a deepening.

There is an invitation.

A global returning to REVERENCING The Womb.

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"Physically my body manifested through sounds and movement. It was an interesting experiment of being aware of your physical body amidst such intense emotions coming up. Due to being in a few embodiment sessions with Amanda previously I was able to not get swept up in the emotions of it only, but to feel physically what my body was feeling. That was a wonderful, healing experience for me. The level of relaxation my body must have been in to allow itself to manifest so unhindered speaks wonders to how regulated Amanda's nervous system is and how mine mirrored hers in this session. It was certainly one of the most healing moments of my life."

Beth, on her experience of a Womb alchemy Session


"As we got started, I had a keen sense of the women in my ancestral line and I knew I was there in this space to heal their pain as well as my own. I felt a great honor to be entrusted with this sacred time for them as well as for myself. As we progressed, I felt a lot of heat which I took as fire burning out any shame and trauma (medical or otherwise) that had been my experience. There was a deep sense of healing and restoration of my relationship with my womb and yoni, of forgiving and of accepting forgiveness."

Lori, on her experience of a Womb alchemy Session

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I nodded my head and whispered that I was ready. Warm tears slipped down my cheeks from the sense of safety and comfort I felt in trusting her to be the space holder, and I allowed myself to lean into the raw experience.


She allowed my yoni to release YEARS of tension, trauma and abuse.

One of the biggest revelations to me during my own very first session, was that it is VITAL that as women we take BACK the power and authority we have given away under the guise of "submission."


I wrote an Instagram post several months later, when I found words for the experience, and I stated,


"Going through the alchemical process (during the "fingers-in" womb healing session) allowing my body to speak to me, and allowing Spirit to guide me through my Wombspace,

gave me back my lady balls."


I often am asked where my confidence and grit has come from that enables me to walk through life with my eyes blazing with courage. At first, I didn't know what to say.

But truly, I can point back to this moment in time when a woman first held my wombspace and yoni in her hands. The work of reconnecting to my innermost terrain, not just energetically and emotionally, but physically, has led to my deepest healing yet. And I credit this to being the reason I am told, "You are the most badass woman I know."


I can only humbly point to The Womb.

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This two day, overnight experience takes place in a private location where we will spend time in embodied practice, soul to soul conversation and mentorship, and in deep relaxation of your woman. You'll feel the armor starting to melt away, and find yourself connecting more deeply to your womb.


We will go at the pace of your woman and ceremonially bring you deeper into your Wombspace and yoni: releasing trauma bonds and responses, tension and constriction, pain and grief, anger and numbness, pleasure and euphoria.

We begin with a virtual session focusing on the energy of the pelvic bowl, and gentle, guided full-body self-dearmouring. This is to prepare you for your in-person immersion.


During your in-person 2 day immersion, your daily sessions will include somatic dearmouring, and yoni dearmouring (internal and external), breath work, various somatic practices, yoni steaming, and energy healing.


Each day is structured for you to receive up to 6 hours per day with Amanda of 1:1 time. You may receive up to 2 Womb Alchemy sessions per day, of up to 90 minutes each OR one session per day of up to 3 hours.

We go at the pace of your body and womb, and these sessions are held without agenda or goal in mind. These sessions are a collaboration and a partnership that require your full somatic consent. Unlike a massage where you are passively receiving, womb and yoni work requires and encourages your active participation throughout the sessions.

You will receive a follow-up session with Amanda 2 weeks after your Womb Alchemy immersion, and additional calls may be requested and purchased for further ongoing support.


Earth Medicine and/or Plant Medicine sessions may be included at additional charge -- details may be found inside the application.

Women have experienced through womb and yoni work:


- deeper access to their feminine root

- a deeper connection to their feminine essence and to The Divine Feminine, Mother God

- expansion of their self expression

- unleashing their voice

- reasserting boundaries from a place of embodied power

- change in ancestral patterns of clenching in the pelvic bowl

- essential nourishment and healing in the wombspace

- self care and body image healing

- reconnection to their sensuality

- awakening dormant aspects of their wild feminine psyche

- recreating innocence and wonder

- downloads and revelations of wisdom

- healing after childbirth

- resolved emotional scars from difficult births

- recovery after miscarriage

- greater ability to mother from abundance


...and more.

Included in your Womb Alchemy Immersion:


- preliminary zoom session (60 minutes)

- lifetime access to a shared online portal with PDF downloads, audio meditations, and video trainings

- one month access to Wombspace, my 13 month membership, for the month your immersion was booked for (including all live calls)

- overnight lodging during the Womb Alchemy immersion

- all Womb Alchemy sessions during the immersion (12 hours total with Amanda)

- snacks and refreshments during the immersion

- follow up zoom session (60 minutes)

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If you feel the call, or if this is something you have been waiting for, and you have already attended a WombTerrain intensive: please fill out the application below with your information so we can schedule a time for you to receive your in-person session/s:

A trusted referral, attendance to one of my WombTerrain immersions, or prior work with me that involved dearmouring are required before scheduling a Womb Alchemy session with me.

If you received a referral, please note the name of your reference in the application, below.

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"This was nothing short of mind blowing and took me through a roller coaster of emotions. I was angry at not knowing things about my body, sad that I’ve neglected my womb and Yoni space, and I’m happy/excited to have this new beautiful relationship with her. I’ve read many books about anatomy, pleasure, and sensuality. But experiencing this has been the integration I haven’t gotten from those. Amanda walked me slowly and step by step through multiple processes. She is patient, soothing, and knowledgeable. She’s got a gift at holding Feminine space and empowering you at the same time. This was priceless. I’m so grateful to have this come into my life at the perfect time. I am a more empowered and turned on woman! I’m proud of myself for showing up."

Britney Jesup


"I met myself so vulnerably and intimately. I leaned into the both the pleasure and discomfort. I gave my womb and yoni a voice. A chance to finally be heard. In doing so, I created so much more trust and safety within myself and my body. Healing so much of the disconnect that I was experiencing. I got to know myself on such a deeper level, literally. And the best part of this is all was that I didn't have to do it alone. I felt so supported and held. Every woman deserves to experience herself in this way. This is how we heal ourselves, the women who have come before us, and every woman who will come after us."

Sarahly Avilez

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The greatest sin ever committed against you was teaching you not to trust yourself. To not trust

~ God, To Me

Snakes to me represent the womb, they shed their skins over and over throughout their lives much as the womb sheds her endometrium.

The snake has long been demonized, and I believe that it's time to reclaim what God created. The snake is highly symbolic, and represents both the poison and the healing...the shedding and dying, and the rebirthing. For this reason, I have chosen them to grace this page dedicated to my Womb Alchemy sessions as these sessions are truly a space in which you can shed, release, die, and rebirth yourself.

"This is how we heal ourselves, the women who have come before us, and every woman who will come after us."

~ Sarah
(client, after experiencing vaginal de-armoring for the first time)

Important Note:

This is a modality that I created through primarily working on my own body, and secondly with friends and clients. I "discovered" yoni work and de-armouring on my own without knowing what it was or that there was even a name for it when I first began having intense trauma releases through cervical stimulation. I discovered that using certain techniques for touch and pressure inside my yoni and on my cervix allowed my body to release tension and trauma imprints, as well as ancestral lineage "baggage." This became my foundation for my body of work.

I have very recently (2023-24) trained with Tami Lynn Kent and become certified in her modality, Holistic Pelvic Care, which I have a great respect and reverence for. Where noted on my website, I infuse her energy modalities in with my own. Womb Alchemy was created prior to my working with her and is entirely independent of her body of work.

Womb Alchemy sessions are not Holistic Pelvic Care. I may offer sessions using her modality in the future, and if so you will see me use her name and trademark and give her credit for her body of work and the lineage she has welcomed me into and trained me in.

I deeply respect Tami and the over 10,000 women's bodies she has had the honor to work with and will appropriately name her and reference her where necessary.

We need more elders and mothers in womb and women's work, and in an age where men have long capitalized on women's bodies I believe it is more important than ever to reverence the WOMEN who made any of this work possible. Without a woman's body there would be no yoni work. No womb work.


I feel deeply passionate about putting women's work back in women's hands, especially womb and yoni work. I know there are men who specialize in this work, and I do not disregard their expertise but it stands that the only true authority on a woman's body is WOMAN.


If you would like to receive Holistic Pelvic Care™ specifically, please contact me about this:

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