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Autumn 2024

Centering the womb, unleashing your embodied expression, and stripping it back to your primal feminine.

Get naked with your soul.

An embodied Plant Medicine Retreat


Watch The Retreat Trailer

Click the video to watch the trailer.

Let it speak to you as a work of art, and let yourself FEEL the heart of this retreat.

(ensure audio is on!)



From the moment we gather in circle around the fire, we are in ceremony together.

Every ritual, every embodiment practice, each breath, even the sand between your toes, is an invitation into Wonder and Presence.

Experience a Plant Medicine immersion unlike any other.

Where you are guided deeper INTO your body, held in sisterhood, revered in your naked expression, and ceremoniously ordained as your own authority and priestess.


Be prepared to devote yourself to your time of ceremony with us. Your cellphone will remain in a community basket with other devices during the duration of the retreat. There will be scheduled times to check-in with loved ones if necessary, but we encourage you to completely unplug and be completely immersed, and present.

We will ceremoniously undress as we open the retreat, and the only clothing we will don for the entire duration of the retreat will be our robes, scarves or sweaters (if weather requires.)

This event is rain or shine, a full immersion in nature. Be prepared to experience sand, mud, grass, various insects, and outdoor weather.

Be prepared to spend time in darkness, and in silence. Be open to holding space for other women's stories, and to sharing your own.

Get ready to be stripped back to your raw, primal feminine nature.

Image by Calvin Mano
Image by Lera Yudina

For the woman who

  • is ready to strip it all back to the bare nature of her sovereign self

  • is hungry for soul-baring connection with themselves, other women, and with nature

  • knows that ascension is actually a slow descent into the body, blood, and bones of her being

  • believes nature to be her ally in her journey of self discovery and embodiment

  • is unafraid to meet her primal self, embrace her shadows, and experience her Divinity

  • yearns to be seen in all of her naked glory, flaws, and humanity in a non-sexual way

  • is ready to fully inhabit her Wombspace and body, sexuality, spirituality, feminine wisdom, and Divinely guided intuition

  • delights in exploring her own erotic, sensual nature

  • is ready to unleash and embody her true nature

Image by Erol Ahmed

Strip away the layers and take a journey of self-discovery and feminine empowerment with Stripped: The Retreat!

This retreat is a unique opportunity to connect with your primal, wild self and other amazing women in true sisterhood. Explore the power of non-sexual nudity, and the healing power of nature in a private, outdoor setting. Awaken your true spirit as you are guided in an embodied plant medicine ceremony and immersion in a truly trauma aware and informed setting, guided masterfully by your hostess Amanda. You will have prompts, practices, and time with nature in silence to integrate during the retreat, as well as sharing in circle around the fire to amplify your experience. Bask in the deeper connection within yourself, to nature, to your sisters around the circle, and to the global feminine collective. Engage in embodiment and de-armoring practices to connect with your womb and yoni, and experience remembrance of your innate wisdom and personal power.

Image by Lera Yudina

"I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body."

"I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after (our time together) I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start!"

-- Beth, testimonial from The Embodied Womb Retreat with Amanda Rose

An Embodied Plant Medicine Immersion

You won't find an approach to partnering with plant medicines like you will find at Stripped, anywhere else.

We will not be guiding you to overcome, transcend, or escape your body and embodied experience.

The purpose is not to ascend, to leave, to "expand your consciousness," to "enlighten" yourself, to find God, or even find yourself.

Why partner with plant medicines, then?

The intention is to return to your true home (your body) and to uncover the answers that lay within yourself and your psyche that you may have been repressing through held patterns of tension in your body, psyche, and mind. Rather than de-armoring your body alone, you will be taken on a journey of de-armoring your mind and soul, as well.

Rather than offering you another form of escapism, we are ushering you more deeply into PRESENCE.

This may bring up strong emotions or sensations, that Amanda will guide you through, however, you must be WILLING to feel what may arise. I am not here to be a guru, shaman, or teacher, but rather to act as a wayshower and facilitator for YOU to access your deepest wisdom from within. The plant medicines, practices, and guidance are all valuable tools but these never replace your own inner knowing, and intuition.

A pre-retreat zoom call will be held on ____________.

A post-retreat zoom call for integration will be held on _______________.

Please plan to attend BOTH of these calls as a mandatory part of your participation in the plant medicine immersion and retreat.

Image by Sergey Norkov

Womb & Yoni Work

This is the temple of our ecstasy, and we have also made it the graveyard of our broken dreams, unfulfilled desires, abuses, neglects, traumas, losses, our deepest shame, our grief and pain...

and perhaps more.

The answer is your connection, your attention, and your breath.

Please be prepared to confront and alchemize whatever may arise for you as we enter into the sacred portal of your yoni and wombspace for the purpose of

CONNECTION, HEALING, and PRESENCE during the retreat.

You will be encouraged to touch yourself in a way that HEALS, TRANSFORMS, CONNECTS, REPAIRS, and RESTORES. You will be guided and directed INTO YOUR BODY.

You don't need a physical womb to be able to work with the womb, because the womb has a palpable energetic imprint that is left behind in the body even after the physical womb has been removed from the body. If you have been separated physically from your womb, this does not disqualify you from participating in centering the Womb, or working with the Wombspace.

Likewise, if you have had labiaplasty, this does not disqualify you from yoni work.

Meet Amanda

IMG_3582 2.JPG


Creator of The WombTerrain™ Immersive Experience, certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Certified Soma Mystica™ The Self Holding Method™ Practitioner, Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator, founder and herbal alchemist at The Soulful Apothecary, and Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist.

Example of Retreat Schedule

Final schedule will be released the day-of the retreat and will be subject to change.


  • Arrival window is between 1-3pm EST

    • Observe silence, rest, settle in. Feel free to explore and journal, meditate or take a nap within the marked property boundaries. Silence as a practice will be observed by all. Any necessary communication will happen through whispers during this time of silence as a practice.

  • The retreat opens and the doors/gates close at 5pm. No one will be admitted after gates close. (If you cannot arrive prior to 5pm EST you must let Amanda know or you will forfeit your admission to the retreat.)

    • We gather around the fire circle for music, and introductions. We will ceremoniously undress as a group.​

  • Feast: we eat supper together around the fire, naked.

  • Practices will begin after supper, to help everyone to drop in to the heart of the retreat. Heart to heart sharing and setting intentions for the retreat, and preparing all cellphones to be stowed away for the rest of the retreat duration.

  • Evening sound bowl meditation

  • Bedtime


Saturday & Sunday

  • Retreat & Ceremony

    • You will be guided and led into tantric practices, embodiment rituals, and de-armoring experiences as well as breath and energy work to prepare for the plant medicine immersion. You will experience your body, womb, yoni, and sexuality in a new way​. Be prepared to shed old programming as a snake leaves their withered skin behind, and as the uterus purges the endometrium. You will go where no other plant medicine immersion has taken you before. Sunday morning we will be embarking on our plant medicine voyage.


  • Awaken and observe silence until breakfast.

  • Circle sharing and integration, ceremonial re-dressing.


  • Closing the circle and release.

  • Gate opens, and check-out until 12pm EST.

Lodging Details

What are the sleeping arrangements?


What will meals be like?

Organic and nourishing meals will be provided. We will be serving meat and/or animal products at this event. Meals are provided as part of this all-inclusive retreat and are prepared by hand. Feel free to bring your own snacks, however we ask that you do not bring highly processed foods, sugary snacks, or candy. Please contact Amanda if you have any questions about your dietary concerns, allergies, or medications.

This is a plant medicine and wombspace healing immersion. We ask you to honor our zero tolerance policy during the retreat duration.


Embodied Nude Photography

Amanda will be taking photos during the retreat that include implied nudity to share with the group, and to use for promotional purposes to call other women in to future retreats. For a personal shoot with Amanda (includes implied and/or full nudity) please mention this when making your reservation with Amanda over the phone.

Image by Luz Mendoza


All-Inclusive Retreat

Your registration includes lodging, all meals Friday evening through Monday morning, admission to the retreat, guided plant medicine immersion, and all integration calls.

Please put your name on the waitlist to be informed when and if the next Stripped Retreat is launched.


Retreat Admission:



Image by Milad Fakurian

Pay In Full


Image by Milad Fakurian

3 Payments


Bring A Friend Incentive




What Plant medicines will be used?

We will be serving blended herbal infusions or "teas", and ceremonial Cacao as part of our embodied journey into our depths, into our wombs, into partnership with our authentic embodied selves, and to foster a felt sense of restoration.

You will also be held and guided through a deep plant medicine portal, in an embodied way. We will be partnering with the following allies: psychedelic mushrooms, Damiana, and Cacao.

You will simply know if you are ready for this journey, or if it has been calling to you. All registrants will be participating in the plant medicine immersion. More details about the plant medicine used for the immersion will be discussed over the phone after your application has been received, and you will receive a PDF with preparatory information.

No Marijuana will be served, nor is it allowed on the premises, nor are other outside plant medicines, alcohol, or tobacco allowed.​​

What will the practices entail?

Be prepared to be ushered out of your comfort zone and into your wild feminine. None of the practices will be "conventional" but they will all be held within a trauma informed container and guided masterfully by Amanda. Be prepared to interact within a nude group setting.

Yoni sunning, yoni steaming, yoni de-armoring, yoni gazing, breast massage, anger release, embodied "trauma" release, breathwork, dancing, singing, and other physical practices may take place during the retreat. Please be open to what the moment may present to you, and willing to "go there" as your nervous system allows. We will be spending MUCH time preparing your nervous system and anchoring you into your soma and Mama Nature before any deep practices or plant journeys.

What If I'm Bleeding?

You're encouraged to free bleed, naked! And you may also wear panties if that is most comfortable for you.

There will be two free bleeding blankets on site that may be used if you wish to free bleed amongst your sisters.

Please use protection (period panties, pads) while sleeping to protect the bedding from blood stains.

You may use one of the free bleed blankets to sleep upon if you are prone to leaking.

We welcome blood, just not on the bedsheets :)


Are you ready to rewild, renew, and replenish?

Join the waitlist, below:

Amanda Rose

Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Womb Whisperer

Amanda creates, provides, and facilitates, energetically charged spaces that act as catalysts and guide women towards a deeper state of connection to their sexuality and womb while eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit.

Amanda is creating a new paradigm and legacy for generations to come on a global scale, guiding men and women back to their source of authority, wisdom, and power: the body.

Her unique and avant garde combination of expertise and intuitive guidance has helped both men and women to alchemize their trauma, prosper, and flourish.

Helping high achieving men and women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline.


She is the founder and herbal alchemist of The Soulful Apothecary, and the creator of The WombTerrain™ Immersive Experience. She is a certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, The founder of Rewilded Birth™ and a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Soma Mystica™ Certified Practitioner, The Self Holding Method™ Practitioner, Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator, and Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist.

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