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Come Home To The Source Of Your Power & Truth:

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I bring a plethora of real world experiences, modalities and flavors of psychology to my craft. Most of all, I bring you to yourself.

YOU are the medicine.

I believe that when you are connected to your Wombspace, your Heart, and your Divinity, you become unstoppable, untamable, and undomesticatable. A self-embodied woman is a force to be reckoned with.

My offers were designed with five main things in mind:

your wholeness,

your wildness,

your worthiness,

your wetness,

and your womb.


Whether you are just starting out on your journey of reclamation, or you're a seasoned veteran now guiding others, my heart is to see you empowered and equipped on every level to pursue the reclamation of your wholeness, womb wisdom, and birthright to pleasure.

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Image by Irina Iriser

If you feel called to step into a conversation or depth container with Amanda, trust that feeling and do it. Seriously. Amanda truly is a modern-day medicine woman and one of the wisest women I know. Getting to work alongside her & experience her brilliance firsthand - I can tell you that her presence itself is a healing balm for the soul that you didn’t even know you needed. She truly embodies her teachings in her every day life and her integrity is next level. Amanda has such a gift in melting her warmth and her fierceness together as she holds potent space for and guides her clients through deep transformation in the most beautiful, empowering way. In my eyes, she  is definitely someone you want walking alongside you on your path to remembrance. 

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What I Offer

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13 month membership for wild women and modern day Joan Of Arcs | A prerequisite for many of my offers

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embodied microdosing 30 day group container

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intensive immersive experience on reclaiming your inner terrain: yoni gazing, Wombspace mapping, yoni dearmoring experiential class


Embodied Womb Retreat

Come home to your inner feminine, and to your womb

Image by Vivek Doshi

Embody Yourself

We will re-wild your feminine
soul and desire.

Discover fertility of body, soul and spirit. Quit fighting your body -- attune and align. Get pregnant with new life and juicy with creativity. Called to mother a business? A family? A ministry? A reformation? If you're not healthy and fertile, (and this is NOT limited to physical fertility) you'll feel unclear and sluggish.

We will un-domesticate your passion.

Kick free from the status quo and offer your yearning as a gift of love to the world around you. If you feel held back, if you feel you don't have permission (other women, maybe but not you,) or if you feel stuck, then you will cut your potential off at the ovaries. In bed, and in business. That ache you feel inside? Let's alchemize that longing into something beautiful.

We will re-ground you in your sovereignty.

Ultimately, it comes back to self agency. Self ownership. Self responsibility. Self mothering. Self sovereignty. Were you told your whole life to not be selfish? To conform, to submit, to not trust your heart? Prepare to re-self. In a way that blesses humanity and aligns with Divine design. Are you ready to ask for what you want, and receive it?

Image by nine koepfer

“Prior to working with Amanda, I struggled with opening up my body and heart. I felt completely disconnected from myself, and my partner. Working with Amanda transformed my relationship to myself. I learned how to create a safe space within my body. My whole perspective of my yoni and womb has shifted and I now have a loving connection with them. I met myself on such a deep and intimate level. I learned how to communicate what's going on within me with my partner and now, I can speak up for my desires. Our relationship is now thriving! I know that whenever I'm feeling disconnected, I now have the power and the tools to bring me back home to myself. Amanda is informative and wise. She is amazing at holding a safe space and making you feel seen, heard, and loved. My dream for the world would be that all women could work with her. We've been raised in a world where we are taught to be "victims" of a "mans world.” But we don't have to be. It's time to rise up. It's time we reclaim our power as women, our bodies, and our sovereignty.”


Sarahly Avilez | Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM 


Luxurious Herbal Support For The Embodied Woman

Handcrafted herbal products, herbal tea blends, cacao and nootropic beverages, oil perfumes, and more.

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