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Eating for Pleasure


A favorite way to embody more sensual aliveness is by slowing down the way we eat, making it more mindful and more sensory-full.

It's not really possible to actively think depressing, overwhelming or stressful thoughts when you're in the middle of biting into a juicy plum. (trust, me I had one this morning....nope. not really possible.) Our brain has to focus on one major event or emotion at a time. Engaging our mind, and our body in the art and act of eating food mindfully and pleasurably is a great way to help us get in touch with that erotic side of ourselves while also calming any trauma responses we may be encountering subconsciously.

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Under-sexed? Cabin fever?

Try eating for pleasure and engaging as many of your senses as possible, filling yourself up with juicy goodness from the inside, out!

Gather Your Pleasure Feast


What's your favorite fruit, vegetable, snack, or dessert? What reeeeaaally lights you up and brings you pleasure or a sense of indulgence when you eat it?
Get it out and spread it out before you--I am alllll about that sensory overload when it comes to foodscapes. And ambiance can be half of the experience.

Light some candles, get out your favorite dishes. Shine ths ilver, ting the wine glass with your fork and tuck in your napkin because things are going to get a little messy! (or if you're really feeling hot and spicy, you can do it NAKED and just let the messy food yumminess run down your face and body....) play "Be Our Guest" and let's dive into some pleasure eating!

Some ideas of things you can gather for your practice:

  • Fresh fruits and berries: strawberries, cherries, raspberries, plums, watermelon, peaches, canteloupes, blueberries, apples, etc.

  • Chocolate chunks, pieces, melted to dip fruit into, raw cacao mixed with coconut oil or cocoa butter to coat fruit in...lots of fun to be had here

  • Warm honey.....need I say more?

  • Whipped cream, a favorite dessert, pudding, piece of cake or pie...

  • Raw veggies: carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. (for me, the juicier the better)

  • A favorite entree would even work, or favorite cheese

  • Clean Crafted Wine, Sparkling, Champagne, or Kombucha, sparkling water, cacao amazingness

Keep it (so so) Simple...and Indulge FULLY


Start by engaging all of your senses in this feast, one at a time.

First, start with your sense of sight. Take in the colors of what you have before you. How does it look? What is the texture you can see? How does it behave? Can you engage with and allow yourself to feel the pleasure of taking it in with your eyes?

Next, begin to touch and feel what you have chosen to begin with. Take it in your hands, dip your finger in. How does the temperature feel, what is the felt texture like against your skin? If you can, hold it up to your mouth and gently brush your lips with it. For example, trail the cherry or strawberry over your lips and just feel the sensations and feelings it brings up.

Engage your sense of smell by allowing the scent of the fruit, beverage or food to fully fill your nostrils and lungs. Allow yourself to feel pleasure through the smells that are enticing you.

Finally, allow yourself to bite into the juicy (or gooey, or crunchy, or bubbly) goodness and allow yourself to revel in the mess and the raw experience, "unfiltered" by manners. Let yourself enjoy the tickle of something running down your chin, if it happens. Feel fully how it feels to savor slowly, indulging all of your senses, entirely committed to the pleasure and engaged in the practice.


Last tidbits


So there you have it… eating as a pleasure practice.

Consider journaling about your experience and the feelings, emotions and reactions it brought up for you as you engaged with the practice. Explore those deeper, and use this as a doorway to greater portals of self knowing and pleasure.

Explore with the erotic, take it deeper and let it become more sexual as you practice more often. How does it feel to let warm honey drip down your bare chest? (*gasps* yes I did just type that) What happens when you heat your favorite body oil and mix it with a little honey, and spread it on your legs after shaving--feeling the slick, sticky mixture warmed by your thighs and spreading between your toes. How does it feel to bite into a big juicy piece of fruit, letting your cheeks redden with strawberry or watermelon goodness?

Invite your partner into this practice with you--chances are they'd be more than happy to indulge with you...and maybe in you ;)

 If you're feeling especially fiery, get out a mirror and watch yourself eat pleasurably....naked....juice dribbling down your chin...warm coconut oil on your thighs...chocolate beneath your tongue...honey drizzled across your breasts... Convince me God didn't create all of this rich, pleasurable, innocent goodness for you to enjoy, and to nourish and fill you up! Or maybe you feel like you could use some convincing? ;)
Let's hop on a call and take this deeper (no pun intended) and explore everything there is here for you.


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