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The Wholeness
Mirroring Method

1:1 Mentorship

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Together we’ll restore your energy and power, reawaken a state of possibility within your bones, and activate your radiant nature.


We’ll re-establish your sense of self, reignite your sexuality, re-claim your wholeness, un-leash your purpose, and empower you with the necessary tools and resources to continue moving forward in openness

-- allowing you to truly love your life as an embodied and intuitive, feminine woman.

My expansive mentorship packages are sacred spaces where I give my energy and full attention to you, so you can manifest the results your heart desires.


I guide and support women to heal naturally, so they can claim their full feminine power, deep self worth, magical cyclic nature, and live in reverence to the Divinity within and around.

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It's largely intuitive, experiential, very unorthodox at times, and avante garde -- so buckle up!

Know, my darling, that you are so worthy of every step you take that brings you closer to YOU.

This is your homecoming. A celebration of you! A brave space.
Your humanity and your divinity will be welcome here. It all belongs, and there is so much room for you here.


The Details

We meet every 2 weeks, and you will schedule and sync the calendar of sessions into your calendar seamlessly through the online portal.

Each session is 90-120 minutes. The program consists of 6 "mirrors" that will be worked through and completed in between each session.

You will have access to the program materials through your online portal.

This program is based on my Wholeness Mirroring Method in which I walk you through several internal mirrors.

Each mirror will take you deeper into your wholeness, and during our intensive calls we will be engaging in deep experiential work together.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Somatic Movement

  • Breathwork

  • Inner Alchemy Work

  • Guided Meditations

  • Masculine/Feminine Energy Work

  • Sound Healing

  • Inner Child Work

  • Existential Kink

  • "Shadow Walking" or integrating your shadow

  • Self Reflection

  • Feminine Archetypal Embodiment

  • Herbal Support for the modern feminine

  • And more…


NOTE: You will also have extensive support from me in between each session via Voxer.
This means if you have a question, an immediate issue or problem requiring attention or an important share, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you can voice message, or message me.
This support is invaluable for our 1:1 coaching and your journey as things WILL be shifting and alchemizing the deeper you go into the program.

It's time to step through the mirror darling, and find what is beyond.

Time to learn how to mirror to yourself, and mirror to others in your intimate circle YOUR wholeness, and theirs.

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"Amanda's sessions are gentle, calm, and safe. Amanda is never intimidating. You won't feel silly or dumb by being completely vulnerable with whatever you are working through. In my sessions with Amanda, I always get tools that will help me in the future when I feel stuck or triggered. I highly recommend her sessions! "

— Meg Delagrange, USA

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What would it look like to live a life that first and foremost honored you and your inner wisdom?

  • Do you allow yourself to take up space, both proverbial and literal?

  • Do you bring yourself and your wisdom fully to the conversation?

  • Do you stand up and advocate for your own sovereignty?

  • Do you honor your own boundaries, both internal and external?

  • Do you release others to their own interpretations and opinions of you?

  • Can you allow others to be wrong about you, or do you feel the need to correct others opinions and assumptions of you?

  • Do you play the martyr role or the reigning monarch?

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As your mentor I’m here to guide, inspire, support, and hold space for you to blossom into your most radiant potential as a woman. To ask you the hard questions that initiate you into your deepest depths and connect you to your feminine wisdom.

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Your mentorship program includes an herbal detox and cleanse to support your nervous system and immune system as we begin to mirror wholeness through every facet of your being.

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"Amanda has such a precious soul and holds space for ALL of you. The messy, the ugly, the unsure, the scary. And she never seems ruffled by any of it. It's beautiful having your darkest, scariest places exposed and being met with total love and acceptance."
-- Julia Griffin, BSN Nutritionist & Certified Life Coach

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