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How to Be a Submissive Woman

Looking to be a submissive woman? Simply follow these few easy steps below and you'll be on your way to fulfilling your God given purpose on earth! This is NOT an all-comprehensive list by any means, but it is a GREAT start. Hang in there, you'll get it one day if you just pray enough.

  • The first step is to take all of your dreams, and squash them. Why? Because you can't have them if you're going to be the BEST submissive woman ever. Maybe other women can get away with it, sure! But not YOU. You'll need to kiss them goodbye.

  • The second step is to take your personality and bury it alive in a box. No buts or butts about it. It simply must go. It's just TOO MUCH, and equally NOT ENOUGH. If you need a box, check your local mortuary.

  • The next step is optional, but it's been found to have profound and lasting impact. All you need to do is find someone to break your will. This basically ensures in one fell swoop that the first two are never a problem again, and it makes the next two much easier to implement. It almost COMPLETELY ENSURES that you will BE a submissive woman. Without a will of her own, a woman is like putty in the hands. If you can't find anyone to forcibly do this for you, then you can slowly brainwash yourself into believing that you don't have a will at all! This method has not seen the same rapid results, or lasting effects however, it is still relied on today as a valid method of breaking the will over time and essentially rendering the woman submissive (for the most part.) It at LEAST makes implementing correction easier for the legal godly authority on hand.

  • And then you need to hire a seamstress and a tailor to create a shroud for you. A shroud? you may ask. See, it has been found that a shroud is the absolute easiest answer to the demands of modesty. Ohhhh wait I forgot to explain. See, this part requires that you believe that your body is DANGEROUS. Unequivocally the female form is a STUMBLING BLOCK. If that's too big of a phrase, it can be shortened to "Jezebel" although we generally reserve this word for those who not only have a body, but for those who have not yet broken in their will. When women are left unharnessed, they tend to get outlandish ideas and some of them even manage to think they enjoy sex. Which is both the goal and also the opposite of what we want to accomplish through submissifying a woman. It may seem a little confusing, but that is OKAY it actually just means that you are closer to your goal of being a submissive woman. However, please do not ever say outright that you are confused because this looks like a lack of faith. And although a submissive woman never believes she can trust her discernment without at least running it by a man, or godly authority -- she is above all a woman of faith. So please keep your confusion submitted to your faith, and you will soon see how well this submission thing brings blessing after blessing into your life. As a matter of fact, by this stage of modesty and wearing of the shroud, you should feel pretty good about yourself and how well you are doing. You are almost ready to mentor other women, and teach themes like modesty and submission for yourself! You're doing so great!

  • Lastly, the final tip I want to include for you on how to be a submissive woman is to never ask any questions but to accept whatever you're told. This does NOT include what you are feeling. You must actually question what you feel CONSTANTLY. This is a sign of discernment and maturity in the submissive hierarchy. If you can't help but have questions spring up within your unbridled little mind, then take them to God in prayer. This has been proven to effectively silence every question a woman has ever had. To make it easier for you to not question anything, you can also read every godly home and homemaking book you can get your hands on. These are trusted treasure troves of answers that questioning women seek. You can also pick up some hobbies that submissive women busy themselves with. Raising kids, keeping house, working a desk job, things like that. I don't recommend becoming a secretary though because we often associate that role with the "Jezebel" word and we ultimately don't trust them. Secretaries are good at serving other people as a general rule, and are often submissive women but we treat them differently than the housewife type of submissive woman. Because we just do. It's the submissive way. We also don't fully trust other women when we are seeking to be submissive. Some women aren't fully broken in their willspace and they can ultimately lead each other astray. So we always hold them in suspicion. HOWEVER, we DO allow women to teach each other, since the men are too busy teaching each other how to find a submissive wife and the women aren't allowed to teach men. So it is allowed that APPROVED submissive women teach each other. However, they must try to stick to the main themes of submission and modesty, because otherwise they do run the risk of catching the "Jezebel." You can usually spot the symptoms: first, she starts asking questions. Then she begins to feel confused about the wrong things. Then she begins to mend her will and think that she has one! Which usually leads to not wearing the shroud, unburying the personality, and finding the dreams...which ultimately leads to sex. And again, SEX is something we do NOT want women to enjoy. Sex is something submissive women do for men. There is a fine line there, and it is not one to be toed lightly.

If you have decided that being a submissive woman is NOT for you, or if you have decided to UN-SUBMIT


I am hosting a free virtual retreat and workshop, for women who are ready to undomesticate and re-wild (or who ARE re-wilding) their feminine souls and come home to their wombspace! Let me know below, if this is something you are interested in!


Share your thoughts with me on my submissive woman list and let me know if I missed anything haha


I definitely went through all of those stages towards becoming a submissive woman. Despite having my will abusively broken, I never quite snuffed out that part of me that made men label me a "Jezebel."

I never could stop asking questions.

I never could stop searching.

I recently polled my community on my Instagram and discovered that much more of my online community has had a similar experience to mine with "purity culture" and modesty teachings, or teachings on submission.

I am holding these stats and answers close to my heart right now, but soon I will share these results with you.

I have been spending time loving myself and tending to myself, reminding myself and my body over and over that I am here. I am here. I am here.

If this topic has brought up much for you, please take the time to BE HERE NOW. Tend to yourself. You are so worthy.


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