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My Orgasmic Birth Dreams Coming True!

I just wrapped up an intensive 10 day (4 hours every day of live training for 10 days) Doula Training!

I studied midwifery in Central America when I was 19 as I prepared for an intense apprenticeship to a midwife to the Amish in the USA. I finished the studies, but never completed the apprenticeship when my sponsorship fell through at the last moment. In many ways, this is a coming-full-circle moment for me.

As my clients began getting pregnant, and sharing stories of various birth traumas, I realized that a deeper and FRESHER knowledge of birth was necessary. I wanted to be able to do more than support my clients in real time during their birth if they desired. I found myself sharing the knowledge I already had, from previous study, and from herbalism and my embodied sexuality coaching. To friends and clients alike I was sending emails with resources, and information on orgasmic birth and ecstatic birth, rewilded births, etc. I rediscovered my passion for the natural brith process and was already diving back into this topic in many ways before the training was on my radar.

And THEN I got an email that the doula training I was interested in (normally held in Bali) was going to be held online and for an affordable price!!!! I excitedly thought about it for a few days to see if it truly was something I wanted and if I could even afford it or manage it time wise. I looked at my calendar and realized I already had the whole ten days marked off because of my great aunt needing me to help care for her in her home -- so suddenly my calendar was open and available for the training to fit into. Something that NEVER HAPPENS (if you're a client, you KNOW that my calendar is often full.) The ONLY day off during the training was Tuesday and THAT WAS THE ONLY DAY I had booked clients during that entire ten day period!!!!!!

It was as if everything was falling in place and I felt sooo excited about it, I felt so LIT UP FROM WITHIN that I knew I needed to do it.

When I emailed them they said they were already full but they’d let me in on the last day of registration if I paid in full. So I did. So that’s how it happened 😆 And my orgasmic birth doula dreams came true! I am so THRILLED to be bringing this aspect of my advocacy for women to my work and combining this with the work I already do to help support women in their fertility and menstruation journeys! Being tapped into your wild, raw, and orgasmic nature doesn't get thrown out the window when you give brith. Having your own voice, knowing what you need and want, trusting your body's wisdom over what outside voices tell you--it doesn't stop when you give birth. The self embodiment and self sovereignty I coach you through in other areas of life absolutely permeates into the pregnancy and birth journey. I'm excited to share more details of this with you, but for the time being, I simply wanted to announce this and share my exuberant excitement!!!


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