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They're burning all the witches even if you aren't one...

It lit a fire beneath my tush that they removed Dr. Christiane Northrup (New York Times Bestselling author, Board Certified OBGYN) from Instagram. The way they are policing women’s bodies and women’s wisdom is incorrigible. It is time we took the torches that were meant to set our stakes afire and we raised them to set the world ablaze. To blaze a trail for others to follow and leave a legacy of self embodiment, self knowing, and self sovereignty for our children. It’s time we quit waiting for someone else to do it for us, and quit pedestalizing leaders, grabbed the oil and anointed ourselves. It’s time we take true inspiration from women before us like Thecla and baptize ourselves in the water as we face the lions they send after us.

I'm continuing to advocate for the voices of women who are shut down and deemed "dangerous" to society as the witch fires burn once again. It's so important that we create space for ALL WOMEN to share their stories without burning them at the stake and making them wrong or labeling them as "dangerous women," "spiritual shadow walkers," "ego driven," "wounded maidens," or worse.

When we play "goddess" and decide that we are the ones who have the answers and everyone else is either deceived, living from ego, or believing conspiracy theories....aren't we doing the same thing we are accusing them of? Doesn't this narrative actually boost OUR ego by making us superior to them? Isn't this a subtle form of narcissism?

Think about it and roll with me here....if I say that you are believing a "conspiracy theory" because of your wounded feminine, then I have immediately discredited you and anything you say or believe. I have just put YOU in the role of victim, or villain, and relegated myself to the role of "victor."

Suddenly, my ability to discern and call out those who are deceived begins to crumble into a "holier than thou" heap. I am instantly a hypocrite, and of course myself DECEIVED since I am obviously lacking in self knowing. SELF KNOWING is the key here. Who am I to tell my community what to believe? Is my job to tell you what to do, wether or not to get the vaccine? Or is my job to lead you into deeper self knowing so that you can discern for yourself? And HOW can I lead you where I have not gone? Can I lead you into deeper self knowing and self embodiment if I haven't truly KNOWN myself, my shadow, my light, and what is happening beneath the surface of my own waters?

How can I call out YOUR shadow, if I have not fully met my own and gazed into her liquid eyes?

I want to challenge you to vet those you listen to. Are they EMBODYING what they teach? Or are they too busy painting others into their shadow?

Deep breaths, baby. I'm trusting you with your experience of these words I've written.

I want to invite you to allow other women to share and speak (and post) without feeling the need to protect others from what they're saying. There is so much freedom when we release others to their own consequences.

I lived years of my young life in a religion that tried to control the narrative, control the questions that were asked, or the opinions that were shared. It was not a safe environment despite all their efforts to keep people safe from "misinformation." It became more like a cult where everyone was forced to believe the same. It took me a long time to break free from that cult-like conditioning, but it also took a long time for me to be able to release others to their own responsibility. It was drilled into me that their salvation was my responsibility, that I needed to make sure my "brethren" and "sisters" were all on the path of righteousness and believing the way the church wanted them to.

It took a while for me to realize no mater how crazy I thought their beliefs were, it was more empowering for ME and for them if I let them have their process and left them to their own consequences. I had to learn to live from MY truth no mater what others would think. And likewise allow others to live their truth no matter how silly or delusional I thought it was. Or even dangerous. Even if I thought it may lead to them hell. I found so much freedom from fear through that process of release. It may not make sense why we should allow people to mislead others or share things we disagree with, but its truly the way to live fully self embodied and self sovereign. Can we trust that women who read misinformation will be able to trust their intuition and ability to discern, the same way we trust our own? I know your heart is in the right place, because mine was there too. It is okay to release them. It's okay to allow others to read misinformation, and trust THEM to discern. The same way YOU trust your ability.

It is not for us to assume we are more capable of discernment than anyone else, right?

It's not for us to assume that we are more enlightened and beyond deception, and therefore must "save" others from falling into darkness and conspiracy rabbit holes.

I also want to encourage you to not report every comment, or post, or account that doesn't line up with your beliefs.

There is enough room for all of us women here, all of our experiences and beliefs.

May the true feminists, spiritualists, and feminine wholeness leaders arise and advocate for those of us who are having experiences that aren't "approved" by all. How long has it taken medicine to catch up with women? Medicine today is STILL filled with misinformation about women's bodies and experiences. My own mother didn't even know that it was possible for women to have orgasms when she was first sexually active. That's just ONE generation ago! Do we really think that suddenly the doctors have all the answers for women's bodies just because it's a vaccine? (emergency use vaccine, at that. This means it hasn't been properly tested for FDA approval and that WE ARE the test.) We should unite together as women and lift each other up and BELIEVE EACH OTHER even if our experiences differ. May we BE THE CHANGE we have been waiting for.

Will we strike the matches that light the stakes? Or will we be the ones to lift the torches to light the way and exemplify what advocacy and authentic, sincere sisterhood truly looks like?

"They're burning all the witches even if you aren't one. They got their pitchforks and proof, their receipts and reasons. They're burning all the witches even if you aren't one. So light me up (Light me up)..."

It's not about medicine.

It's not about science.

It's not about money.

It's about freedom.

It's about women.

Women are being muzzled.

Women are being labeled.

Women are being falsely accused.

They're being slandered and silenced.

Is this not the very cage we have been trying to climb on top of for generations?

Aren't these the same shackles? Have they truly only taught us to turn against ourselves?

Have we only learned through all we have been through to turn against our own sisters in arms, learned to sacrifice them to the patriarchal witch fires and gallows to save our own necks and to give us a sense of self righteousness and enlightenment?

I'm seeing women silenced, gaslit, smeared, deplatformed....freedoms and privileges stripped away from them. Their life's work trashed.

Their instagrams and saved highlights filled with wisdom for intuitive living, clean eating, womb healing, and hours of sweat and tears, all washed down the drain in the name of "saving humanity."

Sound familiar?

Yes, this is exactly why many of us have left religion.

Because we were sacrificed in the name of saving humanity from hell.

We watched our mothers treated as less-than.

We saw them muzzle women, and we were told to trust the man in charge instead of our own deep knowing and womb wisdom.

We weren't trusted with knowledge, we were banned from rooms where the decisions were made. Women were deemed unworthy to help decide what should be included in the freaking Bible. They did not trust OUR ability to hear from Spirit or to channel TRUTH.

Today, I see the same things happening all over again.

Only this time the patriarchy need not be as intimately involved.

Why? Because SOMEHOW they have managed to turn us against ourselves. They have so gaslit us that we no longer trust ourselves OR other women at all. We don't trust our ability to discern and sort through the slew of information in the world.

We don't trust our own ability to do our own research.

For this reason, whenever someone posts misinformation they must be censored. Because WOMEN are not to be trusted to discern for themselves. They are WEAK and they must be protected from the dangerous lies.



And not just trusted with the truth.

I say we can be trusted with misinformation, and lies and propaganda, too.

I say we can be trusted to sort through it all.

I say we can be trusted to discern and call upon our deepest wisdom, to KNOW what is right for our bodies, and to leave others to their own consequences in love and with fierce grace. Vaccine or no vaccine. Is this truly the hill we want to die on? Is this truly what we will allow to divide us in an era where we need to be united more than ever?

I say women are deeply worthy of trust.


The witch fires are burning again, darling. I'm not here to debate science or medicine. I am here to advocate for women. To advocate for our daughters. To advocate for feminine wholeness. To spotlight women's voices and stories. To promote self sovereignty, self embodiment, and self knowing.

I am here to encourage you to look within.

I am here to mirror to you your own wholeness. And the wholeness of the women around you.

For the wholeness that you see in you when you look into your own eyes, IS HER.


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