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How do you drop into your body when you feel like your body is betraying you?

Betrayal trauma is very real, and dropping into the body when we feel betrayed by our body is something that often needs to be done little by little, so we don't max-out out nervous system. It's not emotionally bypassing, it's titrating, and going little by little so we allow our nervous system to expand gradually.

We anchor into the places of safety, neutrality, pleasure, and beauty and we use that to resource ourselves as we then connect more deeply to the other parts of us. Embodiment isn't something you just plunge into or force your way into. Doing so can further sever our relationship with ourselves and create more "unsafety" in the body.

We can't force ourselves to love how we look or to see ourselves as beautiful either. Developing a deeper appreciation and relationship with the aspects of ourselves that we love can help us accept more deeply the parts and aspects we have estranged.

These are taken from my latest Q&A in my Instagram stories, and was helpful for many so I thought I'd make it into a post. if you aren't part of my stories gang or participate in the Q&A's yet, please follow me @amandaarlenerose and turn stories notifications to "on." Send me your questions for the next round of Q&A in a DM or drop them in the question sticker box next time!

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