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Letter to me.

I see you.

I hear you.

I am listening.

I see your heart is for connection and is good. I see your pure motives of love for the other shining through.

I see your loneliness. I see your rejection. I see the constant message that say, "you're not enough." And especially, "You're not worth fighting for."

I see the message that says, "your heart isn't in the right place." I hear the message that says, "your wounding is so great that you need to be protected from it." That shouts, "you're too broken to know your own motives." That says, "you are un-submissive." and, "you need to truth "leadership" more than your own process."

I see the slander. I see how you are drug through the mud by those you looked up to and trusted to protect and guide you. I see how rules are places upon you by those who will not bend to them themselves. I see how you are accused of the thing they do themselves. I see how their own crimes are painted across your name. I see how they turn others against you.

I see how your work and your art are blasphemed.

I see you..

I see you..

I honor your heart. I laud your pure motives and goodness toward the other. I am proud of the way you lovingly accept yourself, unconditionally. I bow to your wisdom and discernment. I admire your tenacity to stand for truth. I praise the way you show up and bring your whole self, taking up big space in all your grandeur. I am astonished by your desire to honor, and your majesty. I revere your grace and sovereignty in the midst of blasphemy. I am in awe of your softness in the face of austerity. I am left speechless by your wild and approachable spirit.

I love you.

I see you.

I am here.

I am listening.

Love, ME

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