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Money: A fireplace in summer (Pt I)

My new fireplace and I are popping in to remind you that wealth and abundance don't always come in the form of money.

When you limit the way abundance is allowed to come to you by believing it must come in the form of money, or cash, you prevent yourself from receiving the wealth of goodness that the Father of Lights is already sending your way.

If we insist that God needs to give us money for us to be convinced that we are abundant, or to prove we can "manifest" our desires, we cut ourselves off from the extent of what has been made available to us.

This fireplace (Florida summer approved) was gifted to me. I rearranged my entire bedroom to make room for it. And isn't that just the way abundance is? Mustn't we rearrange things within us so that we can hold it? Isn't it so true that we can't say the same and expect new things? Because new wine requires a new wineskin?

What if we didn't have to coerce the universe into giving us what we want? What if we didn't have to petition Heaven with our good behaviors and mindsets, spiritual authorities or alignments? What if all we need to do is peel back the layers of scarcity from our eyes so that we could SEE what's been there all along?

What if abundance could come in any way she wanted? What if she could come through the dappled sunlight on the leaves, the rain over the hills, the endless ripples in the water, the touch of a hand, the smile of a stranger, the gifts and experiences we receive?

What if we quit limiting the ways we experience abundance and wealth? What if we quit demanding she come in the form of money? What forms would she take in your life as you opened your doors to receive her?

How rich would you be if you opened yourself to receive wealth in new ways?

I've been hungry, and broke. I've had someone give me food. I've also given food to those who were hungry and broke. I've needed a place to sleep, and had someone open their home to me. I've needed a place to live, and had someone provide a living situation for me. I've not had enough money to pay for a bill and had a job or work opportunity manifest so I could earn the money needed to pay the bill. I've needed clothes and had clothing given to me. I've wanted mentorship and had a mentor or teacher offer coaching in exchange for work. I've needed peace, and had nature speak to me in deep ways that nurtured my soul.

None of this was money manifesting in the form of cash. And all of these are examples of abundance and wealth, and provision. (even the work hard opportunities, yes! absolutely.)

I believe we can limit the creativity of abundance in our lives when we think we need money. Do we really need money? I'm not against money. I aspire to creating wealth through cash flow in my life. And also, ho much deeper can I open. myself up to receiving wealth and abundance through other creative avenues in my life?


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