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Tapping into your internal well of truth.

What does tapping into your internal well of truth and the full resonance of the fullest expression of YOU feel like in your body? How do you know when you've tapped into it?

For me, it's like the water goes from muddy to clear.

I start to feel lighter, I start to genuinely laugh more in my day-to-day. Because over-saturation takes away your vital energy. It keeps your life force energy from flowing. I really feel like it clogs us up internally from an energetic standpoint.

When we unplug from outside sources, and all of that stagnancy starts to drain and clear out, you can kind of start to feel those sparks coming back. Things start firing and rewiring.

I feel more playful, I feel immediately more creative and clear. This is MY energy.

When I come back into center, what can I talk about all day long? What just naturally and easily comes up for me? What do I want to talk to the trees about? When I go outside and it's just me and I'm in my church of nature, what do I want to preach about to the flowers, and the water, and the clouds? What starts coming out of me when I unplug from all these other places that are feeding me?

And the outside sources or frequencies don’t have to be bad! It could even be the mentors in my life, or the podcasts I listen to, the books that I'm reading, the ways that I’m educating myself. And none of that is necessarily negative, but when I unplug from that and just take a deep breath — what's mine and what do I want to shout from the rooftops?

That’s how I find my message for the world.

I'm sure everyone has a different experience, but for me, that's how it feels. That’s how I know I've come back into my center, how I find my truth, and what I'm clearly channelling for myself versus if I'm just regurgitating from others.

And I think people can also discern whether or not it’s your truth when they're listening to your message.

It's goes from, “oh this is so good.” to,

“Oh my gosh! I've been praying for this. This is the answer to my prayer.”

“Oh my gosh! I was just meditating on this. I've been manifesting this!”

It sends out a very, very clear, very strong signal to the quantum versus those muddier signals when we're so over-saturated, and we're just repeating everything else.

So my darling, what is YOUR message today? I would absolutely love to know and cheer you on! Comment below or send me a DM and share with me.


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